Video Wig Review: Mila by Envy in Amaretto& Cream

I’ve been away for a few  but I managed to catch up on videos today;  several should be popping up on the blog over the next week or so. So keep an eye out!

Mila is a fairly new style from Envy; their last release in general didn’t thrill me, and Mila, like some of the other longer styles, really baffled me in the promo shots. I just didn’t get what it was supposed to do:

See what I mean – it looks like three different haircuts on one head

So when it popped up on sale online, I figured I’d give her a go. She’s not as strange-looking as the stock photos, but she’s still unusual. I think I like it, but I’m not sure…it’s just so different from anything else I’ve tried and I’m not sure if it works on me or not. But it’s not bad, and it’s good to have some variety in these mid-length styles. Watch the video below and see what you think.

11 thoughts on “Video Wig Review: Mila by Envy in Amaretto& Cream

  1. Kristie McNichol yeh I can see it! I had a huge crush on her brother (who had a similar hair cut :)) Jimmy from the movie”champions a love story.”..cried for days…
    I agree the promo photos don’t match what I see on you, perhaps it’s the colour. I like the colour actually, both the top section and the bottom half. I also think it’s really flattering off your face as it is. The flicking away is really soft and pretty.

    • I do think the color is pretty, and it’s certainly an interesting style. I’m not sure I’d be comfortable wearing this one out just because it’s so NOT something my bio hair would ever do. NOt that anyone else would know that, but I would. LOL.

  2. Whatever happened to Kristy McNichol anyway? It’s funny – my eye went right to the gap in the layers. Cute idea but it kind of looks like it got hit with a weed eater. I love the color! Thank you for the video!

    • I can actually answer that question because I got really curious about it one time and looked her up – she really was an amazing actress back in her day, not your typical teen actor at all but really, really good. I believe she eventually was diagnosed as bipolar, though, which is part of the reason she left show business. She was on that TV show in the 90’s about the veterinarian and she played one of his daughters (never watched it) but by then she’d already pretty much disappeared and I think she left the show after a few seasons. She basically says she grew up in the spotlight living this crazy famous life and she didn’t want to do it anymore, so she now lives in obscurity and is happy that way. The last time she ever popped up was just a few years ago when she came out as gay to offer hope and support to others who were struggling to be accepted. I remember when she did that a lot of people were like, um, who?! But I guess that’s how she wants it, LOL.

  3. If there was a dislike button I’d click it. I hate the stock photos and I hate the wig. Who ever designed it must have been smoking something! Is all wrong, he o my nice thing about it is the bangs and that’s it. The Color is different but wtf is up with those layers. Ugh so ugly that wig is. It looks wiggy.

  4. I like this from the side views a lot… and the back isn’t bad, but that front… I can’t quite put my finger on it, but it’s not that awesome. I think it may be where those top fliippy layers hit. It almost reminds me of like floppy dog ears or something (odd comparison, but that’s where my mind went!). I think the layers started a tad lower or maybe there were some curled in pieces as well, that may work better. The color is pretty though! Thanks for the video review. 🙂

  5. Love the color/highlights. The top and bangs are good, but those layers, whew! The gaps in the layers would drive me bonkers. My first thought was that it reminded me of a Christmas tree. If you could use a blow dryer and kinda get those layers to go straight down and blend together it would look a lot better. Definitely not one of Envy’s best styles.

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