Video Wig Review: Distinction by Gabor in Color GL10/12

Here’s another cute shorty no one will like on me! It’s still a cute wig, though. 😉

Gabor has some seriously comfy caps; I’m not sure the use the same cap in every line, but from what I can recollect of any Gabor wig I’ve ever tried I’m always impressed with their caps. Soft and stretchy, and in a short cut like this they are very cool for summer wear. So maybe I’m showing this one a little late, but where I live it’s hot enough to be ‘summer’ through October anyway.

At first I thought this one was more ‘conservative’ than I percieved it to be by the end of the video! It has that nice spike at the crown that may or may not have been intentional – either way, it gives the style a little edge and makes it more contemporary.

19 thoughts on “Video Wig Review: Distinction by Gabor in Color GL10/12

    • Yeah every length is not for everyone. I think in general I am better in longer styles but I can pull off the short ones too since my face shape is oval and my head’s a wee bit on the petite side (still average in circumference but on the petite end of average).

  1. I think this is cute too! It almost reminds me maybe of Natalie by JR. Have not tried this one yet though, but this is how I’d envision it would look. You can pull off all lengths so well!

  2. Hey, super look on you. Are you petite in face structure? This small cell picture reduces people to the size of a peanut. Can’t wait to afford a new computer. Love the colour and style. BTW, how are you liking the EW Click? You are a good sport and appreciate your posts. Deb

    • I’m not really unusually petite, no. In fact, I have a long face, but still oval in shape. I sold the Click, so I’m sure it’s enjoying it’s life somewhere – can’t recall who I sold it to. My revolving wig door moves pretty fast! LOL

  3. Colour is great. And as you said the nape of the neck is cute, like it. I’m not a fan of the sticky up bits on the crown though, if it ever happens on a wig of mine I find people want to lick their fingers and try to put them down and I hate when they do that, so I avoid the sticky up bits with spray.

  4. It really does look great on you. Thanks for showing Sunlit Chestnut. BTW I checked, and Namebrandwigs is showing this one as discontinued, although they have a dozen colors still available.

  5. I’m so glad that you have a video of this one! I would never have thought about it based solely upon the manufacturer’s photos, but can see now that this has everything nice about Natalie and MORE HAIR, which I think Natalie lacks in the front. That’s a nice color, too.

    I need some versatile hair for a conference in October. This just fits the bill!

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