Ugh! Boots

I’ve written before about my love of Ugg boots. I’m convinced the collective consciousness of America hates them because it doesn’t want women to be comfortable. I have always thought they were cute as hell, so it isn’t even just about comfort for me, and for the life of me I cannot understand the hate they inspire. Except for the fact that they are comfortable and make women’s feet happy, and apparently that isn’t allowed. Women who wear them are, for some reason, often called slutty, which I don’t understand – even when they wear them with shorts, and yes, boots and shorts is a seasonal disconnect for sure, but what’s slutty about that? I will say, the thickness of them make most women’s legs look great, as their girth balances out the hips nicely, so maybe that’s where the slutty thing comes from? Because as much as America wants us to have nice legs, if we’re too proud of them, well, SLUT.


So okay – maybe you just think they’re ugly, in which case fine. But I still have to ask, have you ever tried on a pair? Because I swear if you do, you’ll at least want to wear them around the house (which I do with my older ones once they’re too worn out to wear outside). And as far as the cruelty factor, which I totally understand, Ugg no longer uses the twinface sheepskin that harms the animals, so there’s not that to worry about anymore (I admit to being late to understanding about the process of getting the sheepskin, and by the time I found out Ugg was already moving away from using it). But really, the only reason I’m writing about this, aside from the weather here turning a teensy bit cooler and making me think prematurely about being able to wear them again, is because I recently stumbled across another brand that makes boots EXACTLY like the Ugg ones, and at the moment you can get them for such a steal I have to share it.


More shit I didn’t know about Ugg boots that you probably did already: “ugg” originally was just the name of a type of boot made in Australia by many different manufacturers, but the style didn’t take off internationally until the Ugg brand because popular in the States. There have been ongoing disputes over the use of the term to define a type of boot since the late 90’s, when Ugg the brand became so popular. What the end result of all that is, I have no idea, BUT what I did realize upon reading about this was that other brands of boot can be just as cozy and comfy as the name brand Ugg, and that at the moment, one brand of them in particular can be bought online for around $45! Well, sign me up for that!

Some other boots I’ve bought recently – all Ugg styles

The brand is called “Koolaburra,” and in general people who’ve tried them actually think they are a little nicer than the usual Ugg ones. In general, they’re also more expensive, but for some reason has them on sale right now for $40-$45. There are other styles of them at that link that are more expensive, but I’m a big fan of the traditional-style boot anyway, and those are the ones that are so cheap right now. I just got mine in, and as was recommended online I went up a size – I normally wear an 8 in the Ugg brand, so I got a 9. They fit great, and are in fact just as comfy as the Ugg ones I normally wear. The one downside here is that I ordered a ‘tall’ boot, but they are not nearly as tall in the shaft as an Ugg ‘tall’ would be. In fact, they’re just an inch or so higher in the shaft than the Ugg ‘short,’ so in essence they look like short boots instead of tall ones. That’s a bummer, but for all of $45 I am not going to complain. I have no idea WHY they are so cheap at right now, but they are, so if you are wanting a pair for whatever, go get you a pair while they last! They only have the boring colors, but still, GREAT DEAL.


As far as Ugg boots being slut-shoes, that’s just my segue into how over this bullying, misogynistic culture I am right now. Watching the second debate between Hillary Clinton and the Orange Anus (hat-tip Rosie O’Donnell) was just devestating. First he downplays and normalizes bragging about sexual assault in front of the whole damn world, then he slops right down into the gutter by bringing these women into the debate that have accused Hillary’s husband of sexual impropriety over the years. Then he stalks her on camera like Buffalo Bill planning his next skin suit while shouting her down, threatening her with imprisonment, and barking lie and after vacuous lie for ninety minutes without the slightest concern for anything relating to truth or reality. Sure, he would have acted that way if we had a male candidate representing the Democratic party in this election, but the gender dynamic, combined with the repugnance of the video released on Friday, made my skin crawl in a way I sincerely hope never happens again in my lifetime – probably not a realistic wish on my part, but could we at LEAST not see it again in the context of a presidential election? WTF has this country come to that a human being with zero experience, knowlege, or self-control represents one of the two only viable political parties the public has to choose from on election day? Seriously – what. the. fuck.

Simon is not impressed

The thing is, I am no huge Bill Clinton fan either. I found his behavior in relation to women to be repugnant, and completely abusive of his power, as well. But I don’t blame Hillary for it, and I do not condone using Bill’s past to intimidate her in this election, or to invalidate her very extensive, and very real, experience as a public servant. I don’t approve of  holding Melania Trump accountable for her husband’s scumbag behavior either, by the way – as a woman, I fully understand how complex a marriage to a man can be, and how easily a spouse can conceal his or her darker nature from their partner. And yes, I think it’s much easier for a man to get away with than a woman, since in most public spaces men are given so much more leeway to be as douchebaggy as they want without judgment or consequence. So if Melania says what she heard in that tape is not the Donald Trump she knows, I believe her. I believe Hillary trusted Bill when he told her those women were lying, too, and I believe she stayed with him because in spite of his massive faults, on a different level Bill has always been Hillary’s supporter in ways that I suspect meant more to her – Bill has always believed in her politically and was bragging about how she’d be president one day back in the 90’s when he was the one in charge. It’s why he trusted her so much more than anyone else in the country was willing to, and it’s why they were both shocked when the public reacted to her intelligence and power so negatively back in the day.

Simon intends to spend the next month hiding behind the blinds until the election is over – I may have to join him

So when I rail against Trump’s misogyny and abusiveness  I am in no way ignoring Bill’s huge faults in relation to women by doing so. But Bill isn’t running for office, and the spectre of Donald treating Hillary like human  garbage on a world stage has turned my stomach like nothing back in the Impeach Clinton days ever did -although the way poor Monica was put through the wringer by BOTH parties back then certainly rivals the way in which Donald trotted out those other women last night for his own amusement. But holy hell – at least, in the end, Bill apologized, and admitted to his own mistakes. While it was painful to watch, you at least understood he’d earned that punishment, and could get some closure out of the fact that he was being put through a comeuppance that was deserved, and needed, if we as a nation were to ever feel clean again. But now there’s Trump, who instead of sucking it up has doubled down. And this is the way it is when a presidential candidate decides to dig down deep into the muddy gutter and slosh the shit all over America – no one comes out of it clean, or undamaged, and no one comes away from it feeling respected, or validated, or hopeful about anything, no matter who you are voting for or how you feel about either one of them. Their private shit now belongs to, and sullies, all of us. And I’m afraid there’s no escape from that now.

So I woke up this morning feeling like utter hell, depressed as all get-out, and miserable. So I did the most stereotypically female thing I could have done to feel better about it: I went shopping. And I bought more Ugg boots. I know Hillary’s going to win this election, and ultimately that will be the comeuppance that matters for Donald’s ugly behavior, and I’m pretty sure Hillary knows that, and accepts this bullshit as simply more of what she’s already had to go through to get this far. But for me, I may have to sit out the third debate, and stay away from the news until this all over. Because I don’t need any more Uggs right now, and I can’t imagine how much emotional shopping it would take for me to recover from the next one.


21 thoughts on “Ugh! Boots

  1. You went Ugg shopping after the debate and I went wig shopping. Retail therapy was required after that debaucle. I literally felt violated by his disrespect for personal space. As for Ugg’s, I dislike them because in the upper Midwest where I live, they are the “uniform” for fall, winter and most of spring for women of all ages. Leggings and Uggs. Much like cargo shorts, t-shirts and mandals for guys.

    • Thank you for saying that! I’ve heard from several other female friends of mine who have also said it really upset them, so it is good to know I am not alone. I was really, really disturbed by his behavior – I actually woke up and started crying, especially when I read pundits online who said he ‘did a better job than at the first debate.’ I was like, WTF sort of standards are we using here? Have I lost my mind?! But as the day wore on, more people started to express the same feelings I had and I started to feel less depressed about the world. It really helps to know I was not just plain crazy for what I was feeling.

      I can see getting tired of Ugg boots for being everywhere, and they are here too but I just cannot help myself! Of course, I have always worn Birkenstocks too and continue to wear them even when they are not the ‘in’ style, so I’ll probably always do that with Uggs also. I love me some comfortable shoes!

      • His behavior was very triggering to women who’ve been violated or bullied in any way especially after the hot mic incident came out on Friday. When I started my work career, that sense of “entitlement” amongst men was rampant. I was really agitated during and after the debate – couldn’t sleep – and was relieved to find out this morning many women, as well as men, felt the same way.

        • Same here, because I really felt so awful afterwards. Thank God the talking heads are finally discussing it; they really missed the mark last night but apparently they have realized they’d better pay some attention to the ugly dynamic that went down or they appear to condone it.

  2. First of all, Ugg boots are incredibly comfy and warm. I like the taller ones better. BUT my issue is that they wear out at the big toe really quickly! And slut boot? I swear to god I never heard that until I read your post. Wow! That’s so odd!
    Don’t even get me started on that shit show of a debate last night. Oh. Melanoma Trump is only after one thing–MONEY. He is her gravy train so she’s going to put up with all the filthy and vile shit he throws around. TRUMP IS MORE FULL OF SHIT THAN A CONSTIPATED ELEPHANT! My quote-thank you!
    I’m more upset though, with the amount of female supporters that prick of misery still has. WTF is wrong with these women? I’m not the greatest Hillary supporter, but pragmatically speaking she is a far better fit to be POTUS. I can’t even. I’m going to bed now!

    • I really wish we had two viable candidates so real issues would be discussed and people would feel like they have a real choice. Hillary winning the election will vindicate some of this awfulness but ultimately in this entire election the American people are the real losers. And what are these viciously angry Trump supporters going to do when they lose, anyway? I fear there will be real violence once it’s clear he’s lost. He’s already ginned them all up to believe if he loses, it’s because the election was rigged. And these people will believe anything he says. I am worried.

    • Ha, thanks! I know it’s a weird combination of topics in this post but what the hell – I really did want to talk about where to buy cheap Ugg boots AND the awfulness of that debate in one post, so I did it anyway. 😉

  3. I don’t own any UGG boots but I don’t really have an issue with them. Guess they’re just not my style.

    FYI:Be careful not to buy fake UGG boots… they skin dogs alive to make the fake ones! No joke… You can look it up. The name brand though is supposed to be made humanely from sheep skin. Guess they’re OK if you’re not vegan.

  4. I love your combination of topics…Ugg…Trump. Maybe not as Off the Mark as You originally thought. Good for you, Marey…on to November 8 where every Vote Counts.

  5. I went crazy last year and bought so many boots but of all the ones I bought, I wore my Uggs the most. I LOVE UGGS! SLUT?! REALLY?! That just doesn’t go together!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean how do Uggs look slutty? LOLLLLLLL So call me “Slutty” too!!! That just cracks me up… I did see some Go Walk Ugg looking boots on sale today at Kohl’s….Sketchers…bet they are comfy too…but do not need more boots!

    As far as Trump….don’t even get me started. I just don’t understand how in the world he’s gotten this far. What happened to discussing issues…It’s truly embarrassing to see the debates knowing other counrtries are watching!


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