Video Wig Review: Laine by Rene of Paris in Almond Spice-R (custom color)

Yep, a new wig review, finally! I filmed several today, but I started with Miss Laine, because it’s the wig I ordered in a custom color from ROP (via Kathy at Gallery of Wigs), and I have four more of these suckers I’d like to sell. First come, first served, at $105 each!

I think I ramble on about this enough in the video, but I will summarize the concept of placing a custom order real quick anyway:

  • You can place custom orders with Rene of Paris wigs, which includes the ROP, Norko, and Amore lines.
  • I have not heard of any other wig lines doing this. Doesn’t mean they don’t, just haven’t heard of it, and haven’t tried.
  • ROP will make any wig you want, in any color you want (as long as it’s one of their colors, of course).
  • They will also add a lace front or monofilament top/part to any wig you choose.
  • They can also make many of their discontinued styles for you, even if they are no longer available in any stores.
  • In order to place a custom wig order, you have to buy multiples of the same wig. If you buy a non-monofilament top wig (like Laine), you must order at least 5. If you order a monofilament wig, you only have to order 3.
  • You must pay half of the total at the time of placing the order, then pay the balance when they come in.
  • There are no returns on custom orders.
  • It takes anywhere from 3-5 months to get your order.

That’s about it in a nutshell; now click the video and listen to me say all this shit again!

And by the way, for the love of God, can someone please help me figure out how to get WordPress to STOP SCHEDULING MY POSTS INSTEAD OF PUBLISHING THEM?! It’s annoying as hell. Thank you.

20 thoughts on “Video Wig Review: Laine by Rene of Paris in Almond Spice-R (custom color)

  1. I absolutely love this wig on you!!! The color is so pretty and I just must have one. Please let me know how to complete the transaction. I think $105.00 is a really good price and I am happy to pay for shipping.

    Gail Began

  2. Love this on you! I have a question,do you remember who your eyeglass frames are made by? Don’t judge by my sentence structure😳 Also, are your lenses tinted by any chance? I just love them,and have been looking for the shape. Thanks… and I love your artistic talent!

    • No, the deal is that to get this color I had to order five in the same color. However, go to either gallery of wigs or name brand wigs online and you can score lane for less than $100. You have to put it in the cart to see the discount. Keep in mind though that it will have a LOT of PT in the crown! Check out my other reviews of her first to be sure you would like it, it has more than most wigs and a lot of people cannot tolerate how much it has. Never bothered me though! You would probably want the Cappuccino on Dark Chocolate color.

  3. Love this one on you! I’d never known about the custom making thing, really great if you just love the wig/colour though. Thanks for review, I’ve missed them:)

    • Thanks! Yep it’s always an option, just takes a while and is big purchase to make since you have to order multiples. But I’ve already sold three of the Laines so I’m getting my monmey back quickly!

  4. I love this one. It’s very nice on you. I wish you’d had ordered them with lace front, I’m hooked on LF. Question: So if I were to order with LF but chose stock color(s), is the minimum just 3 and do they have to be all the same color or can I choose 3 different colors?

    • I am not sure what the order minimum would be with just a lace front; but Kathy at Gallery of Wigs would know and she’s very accommodating with questions. And no, you can’t order different colors – they would all three (or 5) have to be the same color. That’s the bummer part! A lot of people who do such orders try to get a few people together to all chip in their part before they order, which is what I’ve always done in the past. This last time around, I just figured to order the wigs myself and sell them once they came in. it was just easier that way, although it cost a lot upfront (around $500). I’ve already sold all but 2 of the Laines, so I will make the money back quickly!

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