Video Wig Review: Play It Straight by Raquel Welch in R-10 (Chestnut)

This is one of those wigs that I didn’t like at first, but found myself appreciating as I made the video. I really shouldn’t like it; this isn’t a style that generally looks good on me, but the layers are just right to work on my face, I think. And as I say in the vid, I think this is what I expected Rosie by Renau to look like, albeit a slightly shorter version.

15 thoughts on “Video Wig Review: Play It Straight by Raquel Welch in R-10 (Chestnut)

  1. This is pretty on you! It’s interesting how different wigs look so different on various people! I saw another Review of this and it seemed more bob like. Either way, you wear this great! I sent you a pm through FB.

  2. What websites besides Name Brand Wigs put their wigs on clearance? Also I love your candid videos! I know you say you aren’t wearing wig as much but I’m selfish to say please keep making you videos on them!

    • There’s which is’s sale site. Then there’s that has a big clearance section-it isn’t such great prices but at LEAST once a month they will have up to 40% off site wide and you can get great clearance deals that way. Get on their email list and you’ll get notification. And has a decent clearance section, too.

  3. This is crazy cute on you. You’re right about the layers on the bottom. Sometimes, they get a little weird and separate, like that one (don’t remember the name of it) that sort of looked like a Christmas tree the way it flipped. But this gem is perfect, so sporty casual and fun looking. I also like the position of the part probably because I like my part to be closer to the center than the side, more of an offset center part. And it’s got just the right amount of perma-tease at the top.

    I agree with you about the mono parts, they do tend to part very close to the edge of the mono seam.

  4. Reminds me of my Ellen Wille United…love her. I like this cut a lot and I think it’s very flattering on your face shape. Nice color for you too! Glad you are keeping it! 🙂

  5. This is a wig I’d go for, I did see you’ve sold it so…oh well.
    I am wearing shorter ones now so just as well
    (that’s me consoling myself.)
    I’ve never bought one that some one else has worn and I’d really hate the cigarette smell!
    But it did look good on you. I get the poofy, thing you hate I’m not a fan of poofy either.
    Thanks again…. and I like your waffling….:)

  6. I want a wig without so much poufy-ness I like shape of Jon Reneau HEAT but it is so thick What do you suggest I usually wear 6/33 in Jon renau and 8/30 in Raquel Welch HELP Want to try something else ..

  7. This is a wig I’ve been considering purchasing for a while. Seeing it on you makes me want it, so I probably will. It looks great on you, btw!

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