Video Wig Review of Scene Stealer by Raquel Welch in Color RL 4/6

I’m working on editing my last few videos from this round of filming – I’ve got this one, Refined by Gabor (a short one), and two more Jenikas from Escara to upload. Then there’s two new Norikos on the way; an Angelica with the new mono part and a Reese with the same new feature, both in new colors for the Noriko line (kahlua and blueberry). There’s also a Supreme by Revlon I totally forgot to film, a new Bennett from TOB that I got for a crazy good deal at ($120!), and I think that’s all I have on the way.  Although I am eyeing a Starlight by RW that I found online – that’s a long discontinued style, but it’s still pretty popular and hard to find. I’ve managed to sell almost all the extra Laines I had from my custom order, too – only one left – so thanks to everyone that bought one!

But for this video, yes, it’s true – I actually bought a heat-friendly synthetic. As I mention in the video, several wig-wearers have recently become HD fiber converts, and even though I still prefer a regular synthetic to heat-stylable one, their appreciation for the benfits of HD convinced me to try one when it showed up on clearance at WowWigs. I always did love the look of some of RW’s long HD fiber wigs (Scene Stealer, Show Stopper, Limelight) but was never willing to give them a try until now, soooooo – here’s Scene Stealer!

7 thoughts on “Video Wig Review of Scene Stealer by Raquel Welch in Color RL 4/6

  1. This looks fabulous on you. I have this one in RL6/28. It’s a pretty lighter brunette if you ever want to try this in a lighter shade. Very natural. I save mine for special occasions. It would be my daily if I wasn’t afraid of it frizzing out on me.

  2. I like this one on you, too. ::Eagerly:: awaiting your opinion on (and a good look at) that Noriko blueberry color, though!

    My only experience with HD fiber is a shortie, Hairdo’s Angled Cut. I have it in a golden blonde (same one you that had, I think) and ended up donating the one in Glazed Hazelnut, because no matter how I worked with it, it always looked…greasy/too piece-y, is the only way I can explain it. Hopeful that someone with more patience got it and can manage it.

    It’s nice that companies are bringing out more fun colors.

  3. Cynthia you have a beautiful knack at making your tops, glasses and make up look perfect with whatever wig colour you wear. That colour so suits you. So HD fiber doesn’t last as long? Is that right? I’ve never worn one. And I’m very much looking forward to your review of Resse,

    • I had issues with HD fiber when I tried to wear it, but there are people out there who find they can make it last longer than regular synthetic, but that it takes work for that to happen. 🙂

  4. Great colour, I had her in the SS8/29 your favourite colour, years ago. Now that I have more experience with wigs I wish I still had it. Ah well lol

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