Video Wig Review: Noriko’s Angelica PM in Kahlua Blast


Hm. First of all, I wish this was a better video. I’m not sure what went wrong here, but the lighting just wasn’t quite right and I couldn’t fix it as much as I would have liked to in post.I still think it’s too dark, but this was the best I could do with it. Oh well.

Secondly, this is one of a few new Noriko wigs to come out lately, that is really an upgrade to an older style. I’ve reviewed and owned several Angelicas over the years, and it’s always a really pretty wig. I was curious to see how the style would hold up if a monofilament part was added, and at first, I really still liked it even though it definitely lost a lot of lift. But the more I look at it in the video, I don’t know. It’s not that it isn’t pretty, it just has none of the appeal of the non-mono version, and it looks so much like Amore’s Brandi to me that I’m just not sure this needed to be done. It definitely doesn’t look like Angelica at all to me, the more I look at it, even though in the vid I say that it looks similar (I had literally just taken it out of the box and cut the tags off it before filming).

There’s nothing wrong with it, I just don’t much feel like it’s a very valuable addition to the Noriko line because there are other long wigs that look just like it. And if you like the look of Angelica this one probably isn’t going to be for you. It’s nice that it comes in some pretty colors the regular Angelica doesn’t, and the mono part does look quite nice, but that’s about it. Overall, I’d say it’s fine, but that’s not exactly a glowing recommendation.

ETA: A couple of people have asked me where I got this wig for under $100. I’m sure where I say that in the video, but if I did say it, I was wrong! I paid $189 for this at Name Brand Wigs. Sorry for the confusion!

21 thoughts on “Video Wig Review: Noriko’s Angelica PM in Kahlua Blast

  1. Thanks for the review! I agree! It looks great on you but you always pull off long styles wonderfully! The color is pretty but I do wish it was less streaky and had more highlights towards the back as well. 🙂

  2. As always this looks great on you. I gave up on Noriko’s. beautiful styles and colors but even the monotops just aren’t convincing enough for me. I’d rather save up for JR Gisele.

  3. It does look very thick, the very warm bit would kill me off it straight away! But you know, it looks just lovely when you throw your head make it sway at the back,.Pity it didn’t have more of those highlights toward the back. But it yet again suited you 🙂

  4. H8 questions please where you get angelica pm for under 100 because i think you wrong this wig is over 200 cost thanks if you reply

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  5. Different perspectives are always interesting. Amore’s Brandy is a gorgeous wig, but her colors are super limited, so I’ve never had more than one, and it ended up being too dark for me.

    I have a love hate relationship with the standard Angelica. It really is beautiful, but I have to work extra hard to make it realistic. On the other hand, I LOVE this new Angelica PM! I will actually end up owning quite a few of them. Right now, I have it in Plumberry Jam-LR, and, holy cow, that color is amazing on the Angelica PM! I want it in Crimson-LR, Nutmeg-F, and Creamy Toffee-R/

  6. How are you ever able to get around the top of the non mono original Angelicas scary perma tease part?!! I only have one in toasted brown and i wondered if I just happened to get a bad one but the top is soooooo noticable, it looks like I have a huge bunch of pubes on the top of my head at the part. Have u found a way to get it to look good enought to go out in public in the daytime?? Are they always that bad? Any tips would be awesome. Thanks!
    Karen B

    • Permatease doesn’t really bother me, but one thing that does help is getting a rooted color. It helps with it a little. Other than that, there’s not much you can do to fix it really – sometimes it can be worse than others, but Noriko in particular LOVES permatease and when they use it, they use a lot. I don’t have a lot of suggestions for it except for to get a rooted color – sorry! I just kinda ignore it but I know for a lot of people it’s a dealbreaker.

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