Video Wig Review: Reese PM by Noriko in Blueberry Burst

Poor Reese. I have never done this wig justice.

The fun video editor I’ve been using in the past year, Filmora, came out with an upgrade that just killed it on my crusty old laptop. It became too cumbersome and time-consuming to use, so I’ve reverted back to the free version of MovieMaker I have installed. So, no fancy editing tricks in this one, but at least it didn’t take me upwards of two hours just to edit and upload. Moving on.

Also, I titled the video “Blueberry Blast” instead of Burst. I got confused between this color and the Kahlua one, which is the “blast” part of the new Noriko colors equation. Sorry. I filmed this latest spate of videos in a rush when I had a few spare hours, so I didn’t do the best job ever – I caused lots of confusion by claiming in the Angelica PM video that I bought it for $100, and then I gave this one the wrong title. That’s what happens when I get in a rush, I guess!

Reese is still too big and poufy on me, but it’s a very cute style. And the color is great too, but VERY dark – which wasn’t a surprise, but still. Just thought I’d mention it.


6 thoughts on “Video Wig Review: Reese PM by Noriko in Blueberry Burst

  1. Reese has so much side poof that makes it look wiggy, especially in this color. I don’t think it looks as bad on you as you do (not this color)….it’s a fun shade but photographs like a hair helmet! .

  2. The blue looks beautiful through it as you zoomed in, is it as obvious at a normal speaking distance?. I actually loved the side view, but it does have the poof thing going on in the front. I get hair envy when someone can wear a wig I’d love to wear.

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