Video Wig Review: Refined by Eva Gabor in GL 2-6

I think this wig would have looked better in a lighter color, but this is the one color that was on sale so there you go.

I’ve noticed with a lot of Gabor’s less expensive, shorter wigs that they come out of the box looking a bit ragged – stray hairs everywhere, and not a lot of shape to the style. With some work they can turn out fine, but right out of the package they’re rather unimpressive. Caps are still comfy though!

7 thoughts on “Video Wig Review: Refined by Eva Gabor in GL 2-6

  1. I like it! If it wasn’t so dark I’d ask about buying it. I see why you have that style when you have your bio hairs short, it suits you a lot! The part after you blow dried it looks just super. Thanks for reviewing, it’s on my favourite list! 🙂

  2. Are you/did you sell this little cutie? Also, is this true you have a secret FB page where I can commiserate on my election depression? If so, I’d love to join!

    • I did start one right after, but it really isn’t being used anymore as we’ve all branched off into different groups. I am mainly posting in the Pantsuit Nation group for my area. Are we already friends on FB? I’m not always able to connect commenters here to Facebook names…

      I haven’t sold this one yet, but would be willing to do so. It was not expensive and I did run the blowdryer through it, but I could let it go for cheap. There is an email address associated with your gravatar; i will email you!

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