Video Wig Review: Sonoma by Rene of Paris in Caramel Brown

Rene of Paris has come out with some more cute styles that are economically priced and well-made. They also came out with more new colors, quite a variety of them in fact. Of the three I decided to try, I was most excited about Sonoma. This is such a cute style and although I really want it to work on me, in reality it’s just too big. However, it takes GREAT photos, so all is not lost!


In the video I talk about how much I dislike the back, but in looking at the photos I actually think it’s fine. This style is definitely tricky to pull off, but on the right person it would be really fabulous. I do like the new color, too – the two new brunettes I tried both had ashy blonde highlights and undertones to them, instead of the usual warm/auburn ones browns tend to have. I’m not sure why it is that so many brunette wigs have warmer tones, but that does seem to be the case, so it’s nice to see ROP include some cooler tones this time around.

And back to price – this one has no lace front or monofilament part, so it was really economical; I paid about $108 for it at Name Brand Wigs.

Anyway, here’s the vid! It’s been awhile since I filmed anything, so I am standing a bit too close to the camera; sorry it looks like my face has taken over the entire screen. And I swear that lipstick looked better in person than it does on film – my lips just look yellow, I promise the lipstick is more of a copper color in reality. Not sure what went wrong there…oh well.

11 thoughts on “Video Wig Review: Sonoma by Rene of Paris in Caramel Brown

  1. Gorgeous photo, Cynthia! I agree with you about finding wigs with ashy undertones. It’s the same with Raquel Welch wigs. I love the hair quality in her wigs, but it’s so difficult to find anything that’s not a warm base.

  2. Wow at first I said no way take it off! But it grew on me, I’d love to see it in a lighter colour. I do agree with you about the back, agree a few more curls at the back would have made it awesome, though a really nice side profile.:)

  3. I got it for about $98 from Ace Wigs, in the pastel blue, very cool (but weird color.) I’m normally a silver gray, and decided to try this. Boyfriend is on the fence about it. I’m with you about the back, why didn’t they make it look more like an ‘up-do’? I like the messy look. I think you look good in this style. Like your vid reviews very much!

    • Yeah the pastel blue is a bit of a bummer, it’s too silvery for me but I appreciate that they tried. LOL. I would like to see Sonoma in that color though. I bet it is kinda crazy!

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