Video Wig Review: Evanna by Rene of Paris in Honeycomb Brown

So here is the last of the three new Rene of Paris wigs I bought from their new styles; I totally wish I’d bought each of these wigs in different colors, so I may be filming another round soon. The Honeycomb Brown is just too strange for me, so I’d probably like Evanna in the Caramel Brown, and since the Sonoma is too wild for me to wear out of the house but is great for photos, I should probably get that one in a crazier color (although I’m going to avoid the pastel blue as it washes me out – maybe Sonoma comes in Plumberry Jam?). I’ll have to see if there’s any other new colors I want to try out for my next Zuma, I guess, or go with a color I already know and love, since I think I’d like wearing that one around, too.

As I say in the video, I do think Evanna is a great style. Probably better on me with a bang, and definitely in a different color, but the beachy wave is perfect and the cap is comfy and light. It’s a nice one.

12 thoughts on “Video Wig Review: Evanna by Rene of Paris in Honeycomb Brown

  1. Ok I’m going to say it, I think the color is horrid!!! It’s wrong on sooooo many levels. It either screams, I have a bad colorist and can’t believe I paid money for this and/or I’m trying to look really “lit” as the kids say today, but really I look ridiculous!
    I would need to see a different color really consider this wig. Great review, bad bad color on everyone!

  2. I’d buy the wig but in a different color. Either the brown needs to be brushed back a little or something but the color reminds me of some of the funky ones some AA wigs have like Janet collection or It’s A Wig. Not a huge fan of this color but the wig is super cute.

  3. When you pull the dark brown out of the way and show the blonder colour the wig looks great, I like the back too, it’s just the darker front bits I’m not so sure about. But hey it’s fun, and your photos of it on your other post look great, so hey…. have fun 🙂

  4. Love your attitude in this video! 🙂 This one is super cute from the front but I agree, the back coloring is a bit weird. I love how it looks slightly pulled off the face though so reveal the blonde. So pretty!!

  5. I love this style…just ordered it in an Ice Blonde. I have been a little wary of ordering ROP because of the blasted permatease. Hopefully, this one isn’t too bad. The cut is pretty and the mid-length is attractive. It seems to move naturally, and the price point is great.

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