Wig Vid Pics! Evanna, Sonoma, and Zuma by Rene of Paris

Well, color me embarassed (which I guess means some shade of red) but when I posted my video of Zuma earlier today, several people commented on how disappointed they were to see the vibrant blue of the photos and then see how much more subdued the color is in the actual video. And I kind of can’t believe I never gave this any more thought.


When I take pics of a new wig, I’m primarily thinking about it from a photography perspective: is the color interesting? Does the wig have nice movement? Can it create interesting shapes when I fling it around? How many different ways can I use it and style it? How easy is it to alter the color so it works with different outfits or concepts?


And then, when I do take photos of a wig just because I’ve already got my lighting set up and the wig on my head (as I did this last time), I of course want to play around with the results, and test the limits of what I can create visually with each new color and style.


But of course people who are viewing that blog post to get a look at the video do not care about any of that stuff – they want to see photos of the wig as it is really going to look on a real person who would wear the wig out of the house during the day. It’s actually kind of crazy that I never gave that much thought before.


I mean, if people want to see what these wigs looks like after they’ve been altered and photoshopped, they can just look at the stock photos! And here I’ve been all this time, wondering why when I post my fancy edited photos in wig groups they don’t get as much attention as the crappy iPhone photos I usually upload real quick right after I get a wig in the mail. That’s because – DUH – they are much more interested in seeing it without editing so they know what it really looks like. How did this take me so long to figure out? LOL. Who knows.


So, I pulled these pics from each of the video review posts and am putting them all here instead, so they don’t confuse anyone about what the wigs really look like in person. Or, for that matter, what I really look like in person, since my face gets as much editing as the wigs do once I fire up the Photoshop. The real me is in the videos, and that’s the only place you’re gonna see it unless you run into me on the street, so deal with it.


So, of these wigs only one is in a color I would actually wear out of the house, and unfortunately it’s the one wig with a style I can’t pull of in real life (the short curly Sonoma). That pastel blue is hard as hell to photograph, and it doesn’t look good on me in reality – something about the silvery blues doesn’t work on me at all – but I really want that style in a normal color. Then the longer beachy waved Evanna is a great style, but that brunette-in-the-front, blonde-in-the-back haircolor is bananas.


Although it does – say it with me – take cool pictures!

So honestly, now I’m just rambling to try and squeeze more words in between the photos, which needs to stop. I’ll just post the rest down below and call it a day.




And next time I post videos (probably when I get a new Zuma and a new Evanna) no edited photos in those posts, I promise. You’ll only see the real me and the real wig! 😉 Happy weekend, everyone!

16 thoughts on “Wig Vid Pics! Evanna, Sonoma, and Zuma by Rene of Paris

  1. I love looking at your photographs-always wondering how did she do that? Of course, I also appreciate the videos. Before I purchase a wig, the first thing I do is look to see if you have reviewed it. Hands down, you have the best “wig” videos of anyone posting on the internet. Still waiting for you to try RW’s “Boost” in 11S+ or 8/25 (golden walnut)–hint, hint.

  2. Ah, I see in Photo #2 you’ve discovered a reason for me to wear Evanna: To hide wrinkles!
    Beautiful photos!

  3. Have you tried the color “Vogue” yet by Estetica? It looks like your cup of tea! Check it out if you haven’t already.

  4. Hi..Just somehow looking for the new evanna wig colors came across your site also looking for the zuma wig colors. I just wanted to say that I think your wrong about thinking the Zuma pastel blue color you feel couldn’t be pulled off on you I think it looks amazing on you the colors after seeing it on you I am definitely going to a Zuma in the pastel blue besides the Ice Blond or Rose Gold Blond, and the Homey Comb brown in Evanna also looks amazing I am getting that color this wig my first expensive real quality wig! I didn’t know if any of the other colors were done like that Hybrant Underlight color I love how its colored was having a hard time with decision on colors because all you get to see is the color in a box not on a head which doesn’t help making a proper choice but now that I know Honey Comb Brpwn is the only color like that I can safely spend my money on it without regrets.
    In Light~~~ Jeannie ~~~

  5. I know this is probably WAY overdue lol, but would you be willing to film a tutorial video on how to put on pixie wigs (specifically either the Mary or Cesca from your earlier vids) with long bio hair like yours? Thanks a bunch!

  6. Hello im wondering which colors besides the illumina & the honeycomb brown did you take pics of please?

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