OK gang, I have to post an update here. I will still film reviews for these wigs, but I feel the need to warn you all about these wigs ASAP.

I’ve gotten two more of the new Rene of Paris styles in – both long styles – and while I hate to say this about my beloved ROP, it has to be said. They look like crap.

Rene of Paris was always considered the ‘fashion’ line among the three linked brands (Rene of Paris, Noriko, and Amore), so the styles were always a bit more trendy, the caps were basic, and the prices were lower. ROP raised their prices across the board, and have been doing so with new styles for awhile now, but so far all three lines have maintained the level of quality as they’ve added features like lace fronts and monofilmament parts. So, I’ve never been bothered by spending more money for them.

One of the primary reasons I’ve always loved ROP so much is their hair fiber. Their colors have always been lovely, and their fiber has always been the best. Silky soft, and natural looking, even if they often overdid it on the volume. I never would have even guessed that they would be capable of cranking out long wigs with hair fiber as crappy as what I’ve received this week.

Photo Feb 14, 3 20 23 PM

Hudson by Rene of Paris in Melted Sunset

I didn’t expect Hudson to look great on me because even in the stock photos, that hairline looked a little weird. But I wanted to try. When plopped on my head, though, it was even worse than I suspected. It’s incredibly thick at the hairline and crown, and without any layering around the face, it looks like that guy hair grunge dudes rocked in the 90’s where they just let their hair go long and never did anything to it, so it fell around their faces like curtains. But a bad style can be fixed, and while some layering or thinning would help this one, just look at how fake the fiber looks. It’s very shiny, and yes, it’s blonde, which tends to be shinier than browns, but it’s also really dry. So, OK ,I thought. Maybe the shininess and fakeness is due to a bad color AND too much PT that needs thinning out. So maybe Hudson isn’t horrible, just a wig in need of some work.

Then, I got Rylee in the mail.


Rylee in Honeycomb Brown

I’m not sure these photos accurately show how bad this looks. But we’re talking a very dark brown here (except at the ends, obviously) and I’m telling you, it still looks terribly shiny, and it’s still really dry. Both the Hudson and the Rylee look like Forever Young quality to me, NOT Rene of Paris. They just lay on my head like they gave up as soon as I took them out of the box. If wigs had feelings, both of these would be depressed.

And yes, that color is awful – but it’s also the color that’s in the stock photo, where it looks fabulous:


Yeah, this is supposedly the same wig.

I’ve worn ROP wigs since my first day of wig-wearing, seriously. My first ever wig was a Rene of Paris. Never in a million years would I have expected to get not just one, but two wigs with this kind of shit fiber from this brand. I can honestly say that these are just not worth the money at all. In fact, they aren’t even worthy of carrying the label Rene of Paris, and that’s a damn shame. Do better, ROP, do way better – or I am done with you. Yuk.

Kai is the only one I have left to get in, and since it’s shorter, MAYBE it will be OK. I never would have guessed these two would be so bad based on the quality of the Rae, so we’ll see. Purchase these at your own risk, I guess, and definitely get them on sale!

ETA: Two other wig wearers have also received Rylee in the mail, and they both said theirs were awful, too. So, it’s not just me, unfortunately.

25 thoughts on “An ROP SOS

    • I have, but it isn’t really their fault. It’s the manufacturers telling stores they HAVE to raise the prices. That happened with ROP recently and it’s affected every seller. I am sure they don’t like it either, but I was actually OK with it until I saw the crappy quality of these two wigs. If they’d maintained ROP quality I would have been OK with it, but these are just NOT good. I feel bad for people who need to wear wigs, because in my mind ROP has always been an affordable option. If this is the direction they are going, then even they aren’t reliable anymore, and that truly sucks.

  1. Wow, so disappointing. I was really looking forward to seeing both of these, as I wear the longer styles. You look lovely as always, however these two styles look really “wiggy”. Rylee looks very dry. Thank you so much for sharing with us all.

  2. I have used a ROP Felicity for years – Got another wig because it was a good price and looked good on me. Went back to Felicity before the price increase had it styled. and I called it a “mop” went back to my previous wig and looked for a replacement which is now an Estetica Peace wig. Looks good on me and now costs what ROP wants. It’s now my goto wig now. It’s been good ROP but time to move on.

    • Oh yeah, I can see that Peace looking a lot like Felicity! I’m really sad to see such crap quality from my beloved ROP, but it is what it is. I agree – it may be time to move on. Just getting harder and harder to find decent prices, though.

  3. Taz reviewed the brand new shorter ROP Kai on YouTube and I’ve never seen her so excited about a style before. It looks a million times better than the 2 longer wigs you reviewed. And yes, wig prices are crazy these days.

    • I saw it, and I agree – it looks nice. I did order Kai as well so I have hope I will like it, as I did Rae. It kind of makes sense to me, though; on a shorter style the quality of the fiber isn’t as noticeable as it is a longer one. If it’s as dry as these, though, I’m not sure how long it will last – but it DID look nice in her video. So here’s hoping! That was one of the styles I was most excited to try anyway.

  4. I can’t stand the Honeycomb Brown color and think it looks terrible in anything I’ve seen it in. I think the Hudson looks pretty in your photos though.

  5. Hi Cynthia, long time viewer here, finally compelled to comment😋

    I Know you got rid of that honey comb color last season right? It is an extreme look especially in a long wig. I don’t think it looks that different in the stock photo, because different lighting and styling. You should return them.aybe you got a bad lot.

    So the hair quality is completely different than say the Evanna? I’m sure you recall those new from last year were marketed to be unisex and consequently caps were made different etc. but the hair quality on my Evanna is very soft. To tell the truth it is still new as I’ve never worn other than trying on, but for 130 seemed good deal, although hair felt little different than other ROP.

    I hope you will speak more about the ridiculous increase in prices!!

    Did you not order Dakota? That one looked appealing to me. Hudson looks less bushy to me than Everly from Estetica, which looked hard to manage. Rae looks nice on you.

    • From what I can recall, this hair fiber is different. I did sell off the Evanna because of the color, so I don’t still have it to compare to, but I did order another one recently so when I get it in, I will definitely compare.

      I liked Dakota, but it just wasn’t a style I really needed so I didn’t order that one.

  6. I bought Hudson and it’s workable with some trimming but Rylee was a joke. I bought the same color you did and it does not look like the picture at all. The yellow is super yellow and shiny and not believable at all. I’m waiting on kai too and got it in that marshmallow color. I saw a YouTube video review and it looked beautiful. Disappointed in ROP! I expected more from them.

    • So far I haven’t heard from one person who has bought Rylee that has even wanted to keep it. I agree, Hudson could be OK with some work but I”m still not thrilled with it at all. I do hope Kai is OK – I should have that one soon. I plan to film the ones I do have tomorrow unless something comes up. But WTF happened with Rylee, I just do not know. Total hot mess.

  7. After watching your Hudson video my first thought is that this will become a matted, twisted and knotted mess after a few uses. For those of us who use wigs daily this would be a nightmare to keep it from eventually looking like a mop.

    This wig also looks like the perms I kept on getting in the ’80’s when I called my hair styles “poodle hair” The only thing this is missing is the big hair we had back then.

  8. Ugh! The fiber looks like doll hair! Honestly, I just bought a Brandi wig and the fiber was so different from past purchases. I thought, maybe it was a return? But I’m thinking they’ve just gone down in quality & maybe they’re cutting costs and using different materials, but my wig is really really really dry. I don’t think it will last long at all. It’s not soft and silky like Amore fibers always were. My two and a half year old Brandi is much softer and silkier. I’m going to switch to Jon Renau for my next buy. Their lace fronts are much better too. The only draw back for me is their caps are always too large. Zara is being offered in petite now, so maybe I’ll give that one a try. Thanks for reviewing these!!! You’re a gem as always 😀

      • I know right?! I was so bummed! Somebody made a very bad decision on their end. I just wish Jon Renau offered more highlighted dark colors that weren’t real chunky. The 6 is blah but it matches my bio hair.

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