Video Wig Review: Hudson by Rene of Paris in Melted Sunset

For what it’s worth, here’s Hudson.

I will say, I don’t hate this one like I do the Rylee. It’s just very unimpressive in my opinion. But, it can probably be worked with if you’re up for it.

Also, I had no idea how weird this color was from the back and sides until I watched the video. It’s…interesting, to say the least.

13 thoughts on “Video Wig Review: Hudson by Rene of Paris in Melted Sunset

  1. The color is hideous! I don’t think the overall style is at all bad or weird since my bio hair looked much like it. 😦 The part is just done in a zig-zag like most the wigs I get. Did you try re-parting it?

    • I did, but I stopped because of how much it was frizzing out the wig. The fiber in this style is NOT amenable to styling! I saw Taz’s review (a few seconds of it with the sound turned off cause I was at a coffee shop LOL) and in a decent color it looked much better – in fact it looked great on her but everything does. So I do think this one can be worked with but I also think you are definitely gonna end up with a frizzy wig pretty quickly.

  2. What on earth? I’m the odd one out in that a dry fiber doesn’t bother me, but it has to be worth working with! I appreciate that your videos show that the lighter pieces up near the cap end up looking like random gray hairs throughout. This color reminds me of FY’s Madeline Blonde, but not executed as well.

    I’m puzzled by the strange, shiny apricot color I’ve seen in a few of these new melted colors. If they were trying for a more realistic-looking fiber, they went wrong with everything! And removing permatease doesn’t matter if the entire shape is off (and the temples on Rylee, oy… ).

    The company should have tried a few heat friendly styles if they wanted to go for something different, since Aderans already has already done HH & HD mixes and I’d have much rather seen them try more with a totally different fiber than switch to a standard synthetic that looks like this for the $200+ range!

  3. Yuck! You are my favorite wig model, and you can usually pull just about any style off but this one is really bad. I’m back to wig wearing since I’m going through hair loss again. I was excited to see new styles coming out from ROP but how disappointing! I just bought a Brandi from NBW & the fiber was really, really dry. I’m wondering if they’re changing the fibers across their whole line. It was more dry than any of my Jon Renau wigs. With them raising their prices, my next buy will be a Jon Renau on sale. Just haven’t decided which one yet. Anyway, it’s nice to see a new wig video from you. You’re beautiful in spite of this horrible wig 😊

      • Exactly!!!! My Brandi felt more like a cheap wig I bought at the mall when I first started losing hair. Definitely not worth the price 😓 But maybe they’ll respond to the negative feedback and go back to the old fiber. Crossing my fingers.

        • I wonder if they know already though?! It seems like it takes so long for a company to make any changes, and then so, so long for them to get to production — surely someone noticed! I hope no one else gets stuck with a non-returnable new ROP since there would be no way for anyone who’d ever bought from them before to know to expect such poor quality.

          • Yeah, they had to know how awful it was when they were making it. On the plus side, Kai is much better. I also ordered an Evanna that I like just fine. So there’s still some hope – just not with Rylee!

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