Video Wig Review: Rae by Rene of Paris in Melted Marshmallow

I don’t think this style looks all that great on me now that I’ve seen the video, but I still think it’s a cute style and a great little wig. It’s odd to me that ROP, which usually excels at long styles while the short ones are often too poufy, has come out with two long wigs I hate and a short one that I love. Here’s hoping I also love Kai when I get that one in.

13 thoughts on “Video Wig Review: Rae by Rene of Paris in Melted Marshmallow

  1. I love this one on you and the colour is great!! I wish that there were more ” normal” brunette shades though other than ginger brown . Looking forward to seeing your Kai review.

  2. I love that color–and you really rock the shorter styles too. I would not look so great in that style. But wait–you bought Kai??? I’ve been thinking about getting her and I cannot wait to see your review!!! XOXOXOXO!!!!

  3. I agree, it’s similar to Zuma, but not as much of a shag, I guess. I bought Rae in Rose Gold-R and the Toasted, er … Melted Marshmallow you showcased. Haven’t received them yet. So thanks for the video review. I thank the color and style are cute on you. I’m glad to hear this color is not warm. Thanks again; I really enjoy your videos and pics.

  4. Yes, the color is great on you. And I think you ARE good at judging color tone in wigs. I remember you are the one who convinced me to try ROP Harvest Gold, since you said it was not a warm gold. It’s my favorite wig color now, along with JR FS10/16. I have a wig on order that’s backordered for months, so I may cancel that one and get Rae instead. Very cute, and not over-the-top.

  5. The cut and color is really cute on you Cynthia! I did notice with my Evanna, that the hair fiber feels different than earlier ROP styles.

    Don’t think the cheap lace fronts will last long with these, but then I hear that about other manufactures as well. I guess if one can get their wigs covered by insurance they are fortunate with how overpriced things have gotten.

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