9 thoughts on “Video Wig Review: Rylee by Rene of Paris in Honeycomb Brown

  1. Cynthia–you look really great in both long and short styles and if this was a decent wig you would rock it. I just don’t like that wig. The color is a bit “off” in a weird way. The ombre is just sloppy and you’re right–the hair looks dry and just lifeless. Moreso than someone being fired, I think it’s robbery that a company would charge a decent amount of money for a wig that clearly had not had a lot of thought going into the design and construction. I’m your fan but not a fan of the wig!

    • Thanks Catherine – I am still flabbergasted by this one. But, I kept the video rolling after I was done, propped up a big fan, and took about 10 minutes’ worth of hair flipping that I am turning into weird arty videos I’m going to post on Instagram and Flickr. LOL. This wig is now ready for the trashcan because it couldn’t handle it (whereas my old ROPs have been abused relentlessly for photos and all they require is a good brush-out at the end of the session) but at least I got some art out of the thing!

  2. WOW Cynthia, you’re correct that wig is hideous! I’m stocked up, but I feel for people that are in greater need and have to contend with the ridiculous price increases!

    I have to conclude that the over saturation of wig reviewers and wig sellers on the net is responsible, similar to what’s happened with designer handbags.

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