Video Wig Review: Evanna by Rene of Paris in Mocha Brown

I liked this one the first time around, but I disliked the color I bought it in (Honeycomb Brown). I like this color better, but it’s still not the best for me, so I’ve got yet another one coming in Caramel Brown.

16 thoughts on “Video Wig Review: Evanna by Rene of Paris in Mocha Brown

  1. Funny that you reviewed this today as I was determining whether to get it or not. I like it too, but, will wait to see the marble brown one. Looks great on you!

    • Yes, the wig is fabulous! In fact, I took some pictures in it and made it my new photo image on the website for my business because I liked it so much. I also ordered a second one in a different color, so keep an eye on my blog and you can come back in a week or so and complain about me when I review that one too. Have a great day! 🙂

    • If you don’t like what she has to say in her reviews on HER blog, then why don’t you make your OWN blog? Everything she said is honest. If the wig company wants us to continue buying from them, then they should consider feedback from the consumers. It’s how they can improve which is to their own benefit. But if something is inferior or lacking, i think it’s great to be able to see it firsthand from someone who wears wigs. As a consumer who HAS to wear wigs due to medical hair loss, and as a person with a limited income, this is a tremendous help to me!!!!!

  2. It looks really cute on you! I’m not fond of the color as I agree it’s too dark. I don’t know what they were thinking when they decided to just put the highlights in front as they are. It’s not on trend or flattering. The beach waves and length are nice though. The dry fiber looks identical to the Brandi I bought so I’m going to steer clear of the long styles from ROP especially with their recent price hike. Thanks for reviewing! Looking forward to your next one! And I personally love your reviews #1 Beacaise you’re honest. #2 Because you show the good and the bed. #3 Because you’re very knowledable from being a wig wearer for some time. #4 Because I think we’re close in age and have similar features. And lastly #5 Because people like Jessica don’t intimidate you 😂😀

    • I cannot imagine a Brandi in this fiber, it would feel like a tumbleweed!

      And yeah, everyone on the Internet has an opinion, LOL. Usually the insults make more sense , though. Still not sure how Jessica got the idea I was negatively reviewing this one…

      • I know! If you absolutely hated it, you wouldn’t have ordered another one! You did point out the drawbacks, but then also highlighted the features that you liked.
        Yes, my Brandi wig is a mess. I’ve washed and conditioned it once and the detangler doesn’t do much. I spent extra money on it to get it quickly for a vacation I went on. I ended up wearing hats instead because it was windy. I didn’t want the wind to tangle it worse. But I guess this will just make me switch to Jon Renau or go with shorter styles. I’d be curious to know if anyone else has this experience because it’s possible, and I’m hoping, I just received a dud.

        • I don’t know that a long Renau would be much better. Long synthetics just do not last long. It was manageable when the prices were reasonable, but IMHO there isn’t a long synthetic out there anymore that is worth the price. They just don’t last if you try to wear them every day.

          • Agreed! I just always remember the Zara being on the affordable side at Gallery of wigs and the petite cap intrigued me since their caps are too large on me. But I think human hair is my best option since I’ll be wearing almost daily. The human hair prices are really high on the major brands but I’m afraid to try the African American styles because I bought two at the mall, one by Model Model and the other by Its a Wig, and both had lace that scratched my scalp and left sores. I’ll just have to save up a bit more & decide on a style. 🙂

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