11 thoughts on “Video Wig Review: Kai by Rene of Paris in Mocha Brown

  1. I love this wig! I prefer the darker browns like this because my bio hair back in the day was dark (before alopecia and aging!). Though that one stripe is um interesting. It looks great on you!

  2. I love this wig, I bought one a few weeks back but it’s still on back order, so I am thinking everyone else likes it too. I am still on the bench about Hudson, still haven’t made up my mind on that one. I bought it in a darker color and it makes me look like a hippie. Now as for the new Rylee by ROP, that one is an absolute joke. What the hell were they thinking when they made her? Maybe I will wear it upside down like you did in your video, it looked better that way 🙂

  3. I agree about the color but the style and length are very flattering on you! The dry fiber is such a disappointment to me because I just LOVED how silky and soft it used to be. I would say it’s closer to Jon Renau fiber but not as silky. But those are the only two major brands I’ve tried. I’m not a fan of monoparts, but if the price was right, I would consider this one or the Evanna. I don’t see that happening with the price increases. I imagine this shorter length will last longer even with the dryer fiber. Looking forward to your next vkdeos! 😀

      • I may try Raquel Welch. What is your absolute favorite from her line & from Jon Renau? Do Raquel Welch caps run large? I just looked at Gallery of Wigs & cant believe how high the ROP line went. I had to trim my Brandi and I got it February 12th. I haven’t been wearing it daily or anything either. ☹️ Im thinking I’ll get a shoulder length for spring/summer. I wouldn’t mind getting a human hair wig so it lasts longer. Maybe it would be more economical in the long run. Hope you have a great weekend!

        • I really love Star Quality. I always thought RW had great long wigs, but I have not tried any of her newer styles because I think they’re just too pricey. Same for Renau – I love Zara and some of the older styles, but I quit trying them out when the prices went up. For the most part, if I HAD to wear wigs, I would just go with short synthetics or spend the money for a long HH wig, because long synthetics just aren’t worth it anymore. They’re too costly for something that isn’t going to last more than a month.

          • I agree 100%. I have a human hair topper that is older than all of my synthetic wigs and toppers and it looks like brand new. The base isn’t big enough for me & im not fond of the clips the manufacturer used but the hair is amazing. Not to mention, it won’t scorch when you use the oven 😉 The human hair wigs are quite expensive so I’ll have to really look before I buy but that’s probably the route I will go. Thanks for your advice & your helpful videos! 🙂

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