Video Wig Review: Evanna by Rene of Paris in Caramel Brown

First of all, this wig was kind of a mess when I made this video. Evanna is a messy style to begin with, but still. She’s looked better. Sorryboutit.

Secondly, we discovered yesterday that the respiratory problems I’ve had since September (post-Harvey) are due to dangerous levels of toxic black mold in our master bathroom. I’ve been coughing at night for seven months now, and have gone to various doctors and tried various remedies that, at the best, only worked for a week or so before the cough came back. I admit we were remiss in waiting so long to test the house, but it’s expensive and always felt like a last resort. So, with my cough gradually getting worse even after a hearty dose of steroids, we finally hired a company to test the house last Friday, and yesterday we got our answer.

For now, we are hoping that since the black mold is contained to one area, Doug won’t have to leave the house since he is not exhibiting any symptoms. We’re also hoping that as long as I stay out of the bedroom area I can at least be there during the day, and I’m spending my nights with my sister. I slept better last night than I have in a long time, but the cough is still there and is quite pronounced. The remediators (is that the right word?) think they can get the mold treated within 6-7 days once they get started, and once that is taken care of I should be safe to sleep there again. So hopefully this is all temporary. Who knows how long I’ll be dealing with this cough, though.

Anyway, so now I know what was bothering my throat when I filmed the other Evanna and Kai review a few weeks ago. I was coughing a lot when filming this one, too, but I think I managed to edit that all out.

9 thoughts on “Video Wig Review: Evanna by Rene of Paris in Caramel Brown

  1. Yes, I agree; this is an ashy brown; not warm at all. I love ash tones, but that’s based entirely on my cool skin tone. Thanks for the review; I love Evanna too. I have a couple of them in Rose Gold-R.

  2. I love this wig, the style and the color too. I bought the honeycomb brown and regret it because the blonde chunks under the brown color is too much for me. Maybe a younger person can pull it off. The one that I want is the marble brown one. Great review thank you.

    • OMG I feel like I am halfway there. Already having to take that BREO inhaler that’s for COPD, and it isn’t even working. Hopefully with more time away from the mold it will calm down.

  3. Doesn’t black mold produce neuro toxins? I remember seeing a doco on a family in Texas (I think) that got really really sick from the mold in the mansion they bought. The house eventually had to be demolished. The husband got brain damage from exposure so I hope Doug is safe despite showing no symptoms. Until recently I had been coughing at night for a year after a terrible chest cold that made me really sick. I was on a very high dose of inhaled steroids for asthma presentation which failed to work. I then found out that Melatonin makes me cough. Who would have thunk? So I stopped taking it and the relief was significant but my airways were so irritated from all that coughing I was still affected. So I used a codeine based cough suppressant for a week and voila! Cough has FINALLY completely gone.

    • Yes, it does. I am pretty frustrated right now because I have a good day, then the next I feel like shit. But, I am gonna put on my game face and keep it moving, because lots of people are going through a lot worse in life and I don’t want to be a big whiner. But sometimes I whine anyway.LOL

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