It’s Not a Tumor

I don’t think I’ve ever seen Kindergarten Cop, but does everyone know that line even if they haven’t seen it?

I posted a few of the attempted levitation pics with the sheer backdrop on Flickr, and one of my followers said the material looked like a big tumor, which made me laugh. Of course, he was referring to one of my color-alteration shots, which I haven’t shared here yet:


I started getting bored just playing around with the few shots I took of me posing in this material, so I used a filter to change the colors and ended up really loving the look of the blue. I thought this one was still a little meh though, so I ran it through Pixlr to add some subtle texture:


This next one I do think has a very tumor-like quality, but if that can in any way be a good thing, I think it is:


That’s probably more leg than I’ll ever let show in a shot again, BTW. I Pixlr’ed this one too, for some added interest:


Of course, after editing two photos with the blue filter (it wasn’t actually a blue filter, it was some sort of “ink” filter and I can’t remember any more than that. I’m terrible about not paying attention to what I am doing) I was bored with that too, so for these last two shots I played with layers to add texture. I probably went a bit overboard with this first one, though. I’ll show the original first:


And here’s the final, super-textured version:

Yep, probably too much

This was the last shot from the set I edited; my only regret with this one is that I forgot to take my glasses off before posing. I liked the movement here enough to work with it anyway, but I do find the glasses out of place here. I don’t have the original to share, but I added a background layer to give texture to the wall, then layered a bit of white texture over the floor to conceal the wrinkled in the fabric a bit:


Right after writing my last post about my need to learn Photoshop for reals, I realized there was actually some more experimentation I could do to create better levitation shots using the programs I currently know. So I played around with those techniques Saturday afternoon, and will start uploading and discussing those photos tomorrow. Some of the techniques are so damn obvious, I can’t believe I didn’t think of them before; but there you go. At least I figure shit out eventually.