Drooling Around

I am starting to feel less dopey on the medication, but my stomach is messed up something awful. Fortunately, I just learned it’s an early release day for the students tomorrow, which means I should be able to spend a little less than a full day up at the school while feeling a mess. Then I’ll have the weekend to rest up and hopefully acclimate more to the medicine before Monday.

Still feeling a bit under the weather. You’re welcome.

As you can see, I played around with more photos from Tuesday’s shoot.I did a lot of composite shots, and created a lot of black-and-white photos as I felt the makeup and hair had a vintage look to it. I could be wrong about that, but they’re my photos so whatever.

I didn’t like the way my feet were positioned in this shot, so I chopped ’em off.

I decided to play around with composite shots since it looks like I may be doing more of that in the future instead of jumping, to avoid further injury. Here’s the original of my first composite photo:


I liked the jump fine, but that one hand gripping the back of the chair looked wonky, so I stole an arm from another shot to fix that, then added shadows and a texture to conceal some of vignetting that occurred at some point during the editing process that I didn’t like.

I like the new arm, but I think I overdid it with the texture. And I sure didn’t notice those white specks on the floor until now – I think that’s bits of glitter left over from a previous shoot.

Still working on getting shadows right; still not completely satisfied but it’s good enough for now. I changed a lot of shots to sepia because after awhile, the blue and black got boring:

This is a composite of two body shots – the lower body from one pose and the upper body from another. No way I could have pulled this off as a jump – talk about yer back injuries!

The next one was taken while leaning on a chair, then I layered that into a blank shot of the background to remove it:

Did a better job with texture on these two; much more subtle.

Then, because I was bored, I played around with a mirror effect on that last one.


That’s all for now – still have a few from this shoot I’d like process though. Here’s hoping I can get through the day with my queasy stomach tomorrow without incident.

Oh and I almost forgot – I have an update on the internet friend who disappeared on me a few weeks ago. This morning I got a Facebook message from her asking me: “Did you leave Flickr?” When I told her that no, I hadn’t, and that I had in fact assumed she was upset with me and that’s why I had not heard from her in weeks, she went to her contacts on the site and discovered that somehow I’d been deleted from her list. So she added me back, and all was well. 🙂