The Difference Between Our Bodies – VideoPoem

The Difference Between Our Bodies

The difference
is between our bodies,
and the space
that separates,

the difference
is in creation,
the sticking together
of atom

so I wonder
what it is your body
is missing, what arrangement
of the elements
is changed
and if the space
between us
has been rearranged
as well,

because just now
I tried to tell
you something,
something about the soul
and the difference
between our bodies
but the distance
and carried
the thought

Dave Bonta from Via Negativa did the reading for me.

March – VideoPoem Collaboration

Collaboration with Deb Morbeto.


You wake up and something has changed.
Maybe your lover is cheating, or you’ve started
your period, or your country has declared war
on another country. Winter unrolls
her old bones, cracking the loam, the light sharp
and metallic, as if some cheap fluorescent god
has taken over, spotlighting the world’s
flaws, even the green gone cheap and tawdry.