Video Wig Review: Evanna by Rene of Paris in Caramel Brown

First of all, this wig was kind of a mess when I made this video. Evanna is a messy style to begin with, but still. She’s looked better. Sorryboutit.

Secondly, we discovered yesterday that the respiratory problems I’ve had since September (post-Harvey) are due to dangerous levels of toxic black mold in our master bathroom. I’ve been coughing at night for seven months now, and have gone to various doctors and tried various remedies that, at the best, only worked for a week or so before the cough came back. I admit we were remiss in waiting so long to test the house, but it’s expensive and always felt like a last resort. So, with my cough gradually getting worse even after a hearty dose of steroids, we finally hired a company to test the house last Friday, and yesterday we got our answer.

For now, we are hoping that since the black mold is contained to one area, Doug won’t have to leave the house since he is not exhibiting any symptoms. We’re also hoping that as long as I stay out of the bedroom area I can at least be there during the day, and I’m spending my nights with my sister. I slept better last night than I have in a long time, but the cough is still there and is quite pronounced. The remediators (is that the right word?) think they can get the mold treated within 6-7 days once they get started, and once that is taken care of I should be safe to sleep there again. So hopefully this is all temporary. Who knows how long I’ll be dealing with this cough, though.

Anyway, so now I know what was bothering my throat when I filmed the other Evanna and Kai review a few weeks ago. I was coughing a lot when filming this one, too, but I think I managed to edit that all out.

Video Wig Review: Hudson by Rene of Paris in Melted Sunset

For what it’s worth, here’s Hudson.

I will say, I don’t hate this one like I do the Rylee. It’s just very unimpressive in my opinion. But, it can probably be worked with if you’re up for it.

Also, I had no idea how weird this color was from the back and sides until I watched the video. It’s…interesting, to say the least.

Video Wig Review: Madison by Envy in Amaretto and Cream

Filming video will vex me forever.

I am constantly trying to improve the quality of my videos, even though no one cares but me. The best I ever got at it was using my Canon 7D and specialized settings I meticulously researched online; but at the time getting the proper focus was a nightmare because I have no way of seeing what I’m filming with that camera (no articulating screen like my crappy little Sony has) and it didn’t have auto-focus while filming. I think my SL1 has autofocus, but I literally just thought of that right now and will have to look it up and see. It’s always like that with me when it comes to filming – I am torn between wanting to do it properly and just getting the damn video made, already, and in the end I usually land somewhere in the middle of those two.

Part of me thinks if I would just stop trying so hard, turn the damn camera on, and hit record everything would be fine, because that’s what everyone else seems to do and I swear their videos look better than mine – but then there’s always something that bothers me when I go to edit and I get frustrated. Color balance, for example. This is something I think most wig reviewers don’t think much about, but it is something I’m always determined to get right, and since I don’t know what I’m doing I think I make things worse rather than better. I always end up looking too warm no matter what I do, even with the auto white balance I think other people use. It will bother me forever. Grr.

And a lot of people ask me why I use these backdrops when I film instead of just shooting with the room around me. There are a lot of answers to that question, but the main one is that there aren’t many spaces at all in my house that are good for filming, for various reasons, and the one space that’s most convenient is the same space where I’ve been hanging backdrops for photo shoots for years, and the honest truth is that the wall is a damn MESS. So many backdrops hung up there and different racks and rods and stands have banged up against it, that it’s really horrible looking – just loaded with holes of all sizes and scraped paint and metal smudges everywhere. I just can’t bear for it to show so I cover it up; it has some sort of backdrop draped over it all the time now, even when I’m not shooting!

Which leads me to the ridiculous backdrop I am using here – I bought yet another type of backdrop stand that I wanted to test out, but before I invested in an expensive muslin I decided to try a cheapie out to be sure I liked the stand and wanted to keep it; this one was the cheapest and could ship quickly, so I bought it even though it’s dorky. I like the new stand, so I’m going to invest in some better backdrops for it eventually.

OK, enough about all of that. Here’s my video of Madison by Envy, filmed using some new software that allows me to use a live view mode on my laptop with my 7D while I film, instead of my old Sony camcorder. I’m still too orange, and overall I’m not sure the quality came out any better this way than it does with the Sony, but what’s done is done. And it has a dorky backdrop. Oh well. The wig is fine, by the way but I doubt I will keep it – so let me know if you’re interested in the comments. 🙂

Video Wig Review: Evanna by Rene of Paris in Honeycomb Brown

So here is the last of the three new Rene of Paris wigs I bought from their new styles; I totally wish I’d bought each of these wigs in different colors, so I may be filming another round soon. The Honeycomb Brown is just too strange for me, so I’d probably like Evanna in the Caramel Brown, and since the Sonoma is too wild for me to wear out of the house but is great for photos, I should probably get that one in a crazier color (although I’m going to avoid the pastel blue as it washes me out – maybe Sonoma comes in Plumberry Jam?). I’ll have to see if there’s any other new colors I want to try out for my next Zuma, I guess, or go with a color I already know and love, since I think I’d like wearing that one around, too.

As I say in the video, I do think Evanna is a great style. Probably better on me with a bang, and definitely in a different color, but the beachy wave is perfect and the cap is comfy and light. It’s a nice one.

Video Wig Review: Sonoma by Rene of Paris in Caramel Brown

Rene of Paris has come out with some more cute styles that are economically priced and well-made. They also came out with more new colors, quite a variety of them in fact. Of the three I decided to try, I was most excited about Sonoma. This is such a cute style and although I really want it to work on me, in reality it’s just too big. However, it takes GREAT photos, so all is not lost!


In the video I talk about how much I dislike the back, but in looking at the photos I actually think it’s fine. This style is definitely tricky to pull off, but on the right person it would be really fabulous. I do like the new color, too – the two new brunettes I tried both had ashy blonde highlights and undertones to them, instead of the usual warm/auburn ones browns tend to have. I’m not sure why it is that so many brunette wigs have warmer tones, but that does seem to be the case, so it’s nice to see ROP include some cooler tones this time around.

And back to price – this one has no lace front or monofilament part, so it was really economical; I paid about $108 for it at Name Brand Wigs.

Anyway, here’s the vid! It’s been awhile since I filmed anything, so I am standing a bit too close to the camera; sorry it looks like my face has taken over the entire screen. And I swear that lipstick looked better in person than it does on film – my lips just look yellow, I promise the lipstick is more of a copper color in reality. Not sure what went wrong there…oh well.

Video Wig Review: Play It Straight by Raquel Welch in R-10 (Chestnut)

This is one of those wigs that I didn’t like at first, but found myself appreciating as I made the video. I really shouldn’t like it; this isn’t a style that generally looks good on me, but the layers are just right to work on my face, I think. And as I say in the vid, I think this is what I expected Rosie by Renau to look like, albeit a slightly shorter version.

Video Wig Review: Laine by Rene of Paris in Almond Spice-R (custom color)

Yep, a new wig review, finally! I filmed several today, but I started with Miss Laine, because it’s the wig I ordered in a custom color from ROP (via Kathy at Gallery of Wigs), and I have four more of these suckers I’d like to sell. First come, first served, at $105 each!

I think I ramble on about this enough in the video, but I will summarize the concept of placing a custom order real quick anyway:

  • You can place custom orders with Rene of Paris wigs, which includes the ROP, Norko, and Amore lines.
  • I have not heard of any other wig lines doing this. Doesn’t mean they don’t, just haven’t heard of it, and haven’t tried.
  • ROP will make any wig you want, in any color you want (as long as it’s one of their colors, of course).
  • They will also add a lace front or monofilament top/part to any wig you choose.
  • They can also make many of their discontinued styles for you, even if they are no longer available in any stores.
  • In order to place a custom wig order, you have to buy multiples of the same wig. If you buy a non-monofilament top wig (like Laine), you must order at least 5. If you order a monofilament wig, you only have to order 3.
  • You must pay half of the total at the time of placing the order, then pay the balance when they come in.
  • There are no returns on custom orders.
  • It takes anywhere from 3-5 months to get your order.

That’s about it in a nutshell; now click the video and listen to me say all this shit again!

And by the way, for the love of God, can someone please help me figure out how to get WordPress to STOP SCHEDULING MY POSTS INSTEAD OF PUBLISHING THEM?! It’s annoying as hell. Thank you.

Video Wig Review: Molly by It’s a Wig in Color 280

On July 15th I filmed FIVE wig reviews of little shorties I’d recently purchased. It took quite awhile just to film them all (whenever I film that many in a day I’m pretty good and burned out by the last one) and I made sure I had all my camera makeup on and my lighting and set-up right so I could hold my little filming marathon.

UNFORTUNATELY, upon editing the first vid (this one), I realized that the new makeup I’d bought in a slightly darker shade to match my skin since I’ve been out in the sun a bit swimming about in the pool this summer did NOT match the DermaBlend I used on my neck (to cover sun damage, ironically) AT ALL. And, since I am wearing super-short wigs in every single video, the incredibly unsightly LINE around my  jaw is painfully visible. It looks HORRIBLE. I mean, I’m not a huge fan of my profile as it is (not the most flattering angle for either my nose or my chin) but to add a huge makeup demarcation line (not to mention that the foundation was CLEARLY slapped on and the damn line isn’t even a very neat one) was too much for me to bear, so I swept all those videos out of my mind and thought I’d come back to them later if I ever felt I could deal with the disaster.

OK, disaster is probably overstating the problem, but it still makes me cringe. However, I filmed these damn videos so I’m going to edit and share them. From the lack of response these super-short, low-priced wigs tend to get here, I kind of doubt many people will watch long enough into the video to get to the tragic foundation lines anyway. But honestly – I love these little shorties! Especially Molly here, and the Mary I already reviewed. They’re so cheap and easy to wear – it’s literally just a little hair hat – and people really do NOT suspect something this short is a wig. Especially when the wig has some gray in it; I got compliments on Molly constantly and it always freaked people out when I told them it was a wig.

Anyway, for the few who make it to the end of the video, enjoy the ridiculous makeup job. And get ready, because I have four more videos of myself looking a hot mess from the sides!

Video Wig Review: Textured Layers Wig in Golden Brown w/Highlights by Forever Young

I’m finally getting around to uploading and editing some more wig reviews. I got the Textured Layers wig in at the same time as Indie Waves. I expected them to be more similar than they are although they still have the same style, Textured Layers is much straighter than I expected it to be. Pretty enough, but the bangs are long and in need of a trim, and it’s thin in back like the others although not as bad as some FYs I’ve recently reviewed.

I’ve gotten in a few more I need to film – Diane by Jon Renau and Georgia by Noriko – as well as a bunch of cheap little shorties I intended to review as summer wigs but am rapidly running out of summer in which to do so. They may end up being Fun Wigs for Fall, or something. Who knows. Lots going on at the moment stealing my time, plus I’m still undergoing the worst outbreak of cystic chin acne I’ve had in awhile (thanks, hormones) and am waiting for that to clear up before I film myself – photos, I can edit that mess out, but not so in video format. Actually I could go ahead and film anyway, but time is the real issue. Hopefully I can get around to it soon!

Video Wig Review: April by Hair Sense in 3T2-2731 and 3T4-224

Seriously, these long color number-names are killing me.

Okay, so I honestly only posted that video of Birdie yesterday so I could upload April today, since I reference Birdie often in this April video. In my opinion, this is where the Hair Sense going gets good – I liked Birdie better the first time around, and certainly the color 4 is more wearable than either of these colors (at least on me) but MAN they are some pretty ones! And they take amazing photos – for example:

April in 3T4-224

They are still shiny even after adding dry shampoo, and those skin parts are NOT the business at all, but I love the style of both April and Birdie and I must admit that at the moment I’m a bit obsessed with them both. In fact, both styles come in a lace front version for $60, and I just ordered ANOTHER April in a new color just to see if a lace front adds any realism. And yeah, I bought another Birdie too in a funky color since I felt like the 4 was a bit of a fail this time around – just too dark and shiny.

For this video, I originally bought April in what I thought was the color you see above, but when it came in I realized I’d gotten the wrong thing. So I went back and ordered it in the blonde. At first I didn’t like the other color but when looking at it on video I realize it’s a nice one, too, and perhaps even a bit more subtle than the 3T4-224. So if you’re keeping count, that means when all is said and done I will own 2 Birdies and 3 Aprils. God help me if I see another color I want to try…the only way to know what these colors are is to hope someone on YouTube has reviewed it, or buy it and take your chances, and sometimes I just HAVE to know, so I buy. You know how it goes.

Anyway without any further folderol – here’s the lovely April!