In Stitches (Stitch Fix Pix)

Hey everyone! I’ve not done much in the way of photography, and haven’t done anything relating to wigs (in fact, I went ahead and sold the last wig I bought to review – Stevie by Amore in Chocolate Frost – because I knew someone who wanted it and it was going to take me way too long to get it filmed) because I’m knee deep in work at the moment. But, in a good way. I’m enjoying things so far and finally feel like I’ve got my groove back after going back to work three years ago. Had no idea it would take this long, but whatever. At least the worst is behind me.

However, I did get a new Fix in the mail last week, and Sunday afternoon I finally got a chance to take some quick photos. I do mean quick – I had no makeup on in these shots but did my best to add some in Photoshop, so while I look a little weird, at least my face isn’t naked (Sunday was the first day in awhile that I didn’t have anywhere to be, so I just wasn’t in the mood to put on my face). I not only kept the entire Fix this time, but I upped my shipment frequency from once a month to every 2-3 weeks; Stitch Fix has become the main way I buy clothes now and I hardly ever go out clothes shopping anymore, so I figure why not get my Fixes on a more regular basis. Because why spend money on clothes once a month when you spend more often? I knew you’d understand.

This Fix had a maxi skirt, two sweaters, a circle scarf, and a button-down top. Both of the sweaters were beige, which immediately made me think of Susan Sarandon’s character in The Banger Sisters:

Aside from that, I really like beige sweaters, so I kept them both. I won’t be able to wear them until November, probably, except that every building I walk into, including the school where I work, is always freezing, so I can at least carry them around and throw them on from time to time. Here’s the first one:

Collective Concepts Wulf Open Cardigan, Gilli Allison Printed Maxi Skirt, Ann Taylor Loft Woven Hem Tank in Seafoam, Necklace by Free People, Seville by Noriko wig in Macadamia-LR. “Fang” Double Buckle Flatform sandals (which you can’t really see) by TopShop.

The Allison maxi skirt is also from Stitch Fix; it’s the typical Gilli knit with that awful fold-over waistband that I can’t stand but have learned to tolerate because it’s unavoidable (unless you are tucking in your shirt or wearing a crop top, it just makes your waist look bigger; seriously I don’t get the appeal); aside from that it’s great. It’s very long, and comfortable, and the print is terrific. It’s got a slight A-line so even with my pear shape I can pull it off. The Wulf cardigan sweater is a fairly open-weave knit that’s pretty light and definitely comfortable. Yeah, it’s beige, but I’m sure I’ll wear this one a ton. It also looks interesting from the back:

I’m not sure what happened to my face here – Photoshop, what can I say. 

Next up is a little top I almost sent back, then decided to keep so I could get the 25% discount. I’m not a huge button-down fan, but tops like this are good for work so what the hell.

Fun2Fun Mallorca Henley Top; Ribbon Skirt by Athleta; “Fang” Double Buckle Flatform sandals by TopShop; necklace from Stella & Dot; “Stream” wig by Ellen Wille in Flame Lighted.

The Mallorca top has a pretty narrow cut and it’s a little short on me; it has a shirttail hem that shows my skin on the sides if I lift my arms; the neckline is also a little low for work so I’ll wear a cami underneath it to remedy both issues. It’s a nice print, though, and will go with everything, and although it’s very light it’s not see-through, so you could go without the cami if you wanted to. Due to the narrow fit, it’s a bit hard to get off and on unless you undo the buttons, which I hate doing – my long stiletto nails are fabulous but not very practical for shirt-buttoning. Moving on.

Here’s the other beige sweater:

RD Style Calandra Side Button Hooded Poncho; Alzora Zig Zag Infinity Scarf; Leggings by Hue; Hopewell Moccasin by Free People in Brown; Angelica wig by Noriko in Macadamia-LR. Also, enjoy a rare sighting of my headless cat, Simon – appearances from him are rare, since, as you can imagine, he has a hard time getting around. 

The Hooded Poncho has a bit of an acrylic-sweater feel, but it’s lightweight so it’s not too bad. In fact, it’s so light I thought it might need a cami underneath, but I don’t think it’s quite light enough to be see-through; it’s probably fine without one. The infinity scarf is fabulous; I love the colors and the print, but it’s pretty heavy sweater material and I couldn’t get it to look right doubled and just wore it long. I’ll have to work on that. Plus, it’s August in Texas and hot as hell, so between the sweater and the wig I was already sweltering and couldn’t stand the idea of wrapping any more of that scarf around my neck. Those shoes are fabulous, by the way – Free People still sells them and I’m considering getting two more pair since they’ve come out with some new colors.

All in all, a nice Fix to start of the school year, with a bunch of keepers this time around. We’ll see what the next 2-3 weeks brings…I think I’m due for another box around September 3rd.