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Video Wig Review: Sona by Vanessa Wigs in BT4007

Hm. It’s true I used to wear Sona a lot back in the day, but I don’t recall ever having the issue with the back that I see in this video – it looks thin at the nape and I think you can see the band of the wig. That could be a recurring issue, or it could just be this particular wig; I certainly never saw it when I wore it before and I did wear it out and about a lot, including one trip to a hairstylist when the guy who was going to be cutting my bio hair had no idea I was wearing a wig and was totally confused when I told him it was OK to take my hair off so I could show him what was underneath. He literally did not even understand the concept of removing a wig from my head!

Anyway, it’s still a cute cut aside from the thinness at the nape, and you could find it for a nice price, too.

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