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Video Wig Review: Jenika by Escara in Toast Brown

UPDATE: This wig is currently $14.95 at Ebonyline. You’re welcome. 

In this video I couldn’t recall how much I paid for Jenika; turns out it was less than I thought! I found her for $30 on Amazon. I’m tempted to try her again in a different color for that price.

Unfortunately, although there are quite a few styles in this line I don’t like any of the other ones. It reminds me of the Mimosa line; another low-priced decent line of wigs that only has one style I like (Juniper). I’m not sure why some of these manufacturers make so many short wigs in the same exact style and then try to pass them off as different by being half in inch longer, or something else so minor it barely makes a difference. But I won’t complain too much since I’m really impressed with both the cap and the fiber on this $30 wig.

The color, Toast Brown, is WAY darker than I expected though. If I get another one I’ll do Choco Frost or Coconut Spice and see if it’s better. I’m a bit concerned the permatease is going to be an issue if the color is lighter, but for $30 it is probably worth finding out (I notice that on Amazon different colors are different prices, but they are all reasonable with nothing over $50).

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