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Video Wig Review: Indie Waves by Forever Young in 8/12/14 BHL

Hm. I always want Forever Young wigs to be better than they are. Their photos are always so trendy and stylish, and they come up with such fun new looks, but the biggest problem I have with them is how damn THIN they are throughout the crown and back of the head.

From what I can tell this is due to the lack of permatease in their wigs. I think this is what keeps the cost down, because I’ve noticed the same thing in other less expensive lines; the problem is there’s just no way to generate enough thickness in this area without it – the wefts are just hanging there, and there’s no base beneath them to conceal them. I’m not sure what the solution is to this except to ignore it and not let it bother you; this wig is a bit lighter than my bio hair, but it’s close enough of a color match that if color matching were going to conceal the wefts by blending in with them, it would, and well, it doesn’t.

It’s a bummer, because I’m so over the prices of synthetics these days and constantly looking for cheaper options. As always, my conclusion is that for less expensive synthetics, short hair is the way to go. I still love my $30 Mary wig, and it doesn’t need any PT because there’s not enough hair to hang down from the wefts and get thin and noticeable. I’ve yet to find longer ones at a low price point that really work. They can be trendy and fun, for sure, but there’s no denying the thinness at the back of the head is an ongoing problem.

Ah well. Here’s Indie Waves anyway (and I have another Forever Young coming later). If any of you have solutions for the wefts being visible in the back, let us all know in the comments.:)

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