The Next Level – Poem

The prompt at One Single Impression was “seeking,” and I immediately thought of this poem.

The Next Level

“…we’re going to walk out into life in the next level above human.” – Marshall Applewhite

Maybe it’s really time to go – to tail ourselves
to a cosmic promise, gather like dust
in celestial corners. If we are nothing more
than our bodies, our hearts grey packets
of ash, useless as brier – does it matter
what we leave behind, or if ghosts
don’t scrabble from our caskets to climb
some glittering stairs? If all we need
is a sugared assurance, something sweet
to open our throats so we can swallow
the same emptiness that erases everyone, then let it be
an extravagant lie that blinds us, let us flicker
into it ignorantly, let us have our silvered
salvation to ferry us into the black
velocity from which nothing escapes,
not even light. Let our faith belong to the stars,
which are salient and brazen, unlike God,
who hasn’t glimmered in years, has never fallen
from the sky trailing sparks from his garments,
who declines to guide us, and always will.

9 thoughts on “The Next Level – Poem

  1. You did a good job on a dismal write here, Marey M. There isn’t much hope for your poor poet, is there? 🙂
    Emptiness, grey packets of ash, useless as brier, extravagant lie, flicker ignorantly, ferry us intothe black velocity, …

    • Gosh, I guess so. LOL. I was trying to get into the mindset of an individual who’d pin their hope on some alien race that was going to whisk them away if they ate the pudding. Seems easier to find value in the world around you, but they’re definitely seeking…

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