Old new house

My sister-in-law recently built a house on her property and this trip was my first time to see it. She is one of those people who puts a great deal of  thought into every nook and cranny of a house, and this one is stuffed with unusual details. All the doors were purchased at antique shops, the wood floors are salvaged from old warehouses, the beams in the ceiling were taken from an old tobacco factory, and even the wooden railing around the porch was stripped from an old house and discovered in an antique store somewhere in the hill country. She has a bar area in the kitchen that was salvaged from an old soda fountain shop and an antique claw-foot tub in the master bath. It boggles my mind the amount of effort it must take to construct a home and incorporate so many unique touches, but she has always been one to care deeply about such things and invest loads of time into personalizing her living spaces.

I wandered about our first day here snapping away with my iPhone, but I don’t know if I took the sort of photos that unify the house as a whole. I was really distracted by the little details, so what I ended up with are bits and pieces of the house that I found photogenic and/or cool. Unfortunately, the wifi out here is horribly slow, and I don’t have the patience it would take to sit through uploading the photos. I’ll upload them in tomorrow’s post after I get back home, but here’s one pic of the lovely screened-in porch that I managed to get uploaded. The railing is the salvaged wood from an old house I mentioned earlier.



5 thoughts on “Old new house

  1. Sometimes there is left over energy on items in antique shops I wonder if there will be any paranormal activity in her house. Sorry love that stuff LOL

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