Barbecue and birthdays

Today is my husband’s birthday, so yesterday he decided he wanted some brisket to celebrate. I know, we’re real wild ones over here. Anyway, our favorite local restaurant is closed Mondays for reasons we don’t understand, so on a whim we decided to try out this old rustic hole in the wall up the street that I’d never even noticed, but my husband said was known to have good grub.

I didn’t even think about taking photos until we were almost on our way out the door (they closed at 7 PM and it was 6:35 when we got there, so we got it to go – you can tell you live in the sticks when all the restaurants have weird, inconvenient hours) so I only took a few, but this little shop had a lot of character, and the food was really good, so I can see going back soon to get more. Pictures, I mean, not food. But I would probably get more food too.

I took these in a rush, because my husband was hungry and in a hurry to get back home so we could eat.

I wish all those signs weren’t so shiny.

I hear for every bag of Tom’s chips you buy they give a bag to a hungry cat in the back alley.

Pretty much the entire dining area.

The “parking lot.” No, that is not our vehicle.

4 thoughts on “Barbecue and birthdays

  1. What fun! Little independent restaurants like this are so nice. We have very few at all, just chains here in Valencia, for the most part and they all roll up the sidewalk around 9, even on weekends. Any place that puts more than one hot sauce on the table is my kind of place.

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