Old photos

I wrote a whole post for this morning, but at the last minute I didn’t want to publish it – so instead I submit these old photos without much comment, mainly because I am running late and need to get ready for my day.

4 generations
My mother, her mother, her grandmother, and her great-grandmother

Grandma C and Aunt Louise
My grandmother and my great-aunt

My two loves
My grandfather and my mother – at the top of this photo my grandmother wrote: “My Two Loves.”


10 thoughts on “Old photos

      • I’m all mixed up, I guess your Mom is the baby, and the lovely lady holding her is then your great-great Grandma, so I meant that I saw a resemblance to her. But on closer inspection, I do see you in your Mom there :-). Somewhere I have pictures vaguely similar to these, the 40s I think. I may also have some from the 1930s. Forgot all about ’em. Nostalgic!

  1. Great family,your photos remind me of my moms and dads photos when he was in the navy and afterwards. He looked like Frank Sinatra when he was known as the soda straw with hair in his early years.

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