So for my final shots from Saturday’s session, I decided to get some shots of me taking all that makeup off. I don’t really know why. The camera was set up so I figured, why not?


One thing about all that stage makeup is it does a real number on my rather sensitive eyes. The only eyeliner I can comfortably wear is MAC Powerpoint eye pencils; the liquid liners and glitter shadows I use for photoshoots stings when I apply it, and if I leave it on too long will cause my eyes to swell and itch a bit for a day or two after. And the glue from false eyelashes is bothersome too, so my eyes were itching during the entire shoot.


At the same time, when I spend an hour and a half putting on makeup I hate to wash it all off right away, so I tend to keep it on longer than I should. As a result, my eyes were a red, itchy mess the day after this photosession.

This one needed to be black and white for some reason. I think it was the shadow created by my hand that convinced me.

At first I had the idea of wearing a different wig while taking the makeup off, because I rarely take photos of me with my real hair. There’s nothing wrong with my real hair, in fact it’s longer right now than it’s been since I was 30 years old (although it’s still short). It’s just that my wigs have become such a part of my photography-persona that I never care much for shots where I’m not wearing one. But it was too much hair covering my face and I couldn’t get the shots I was after, so I took it off and left the wigcap on. And for some reason I don’t quite understand I chose to put this chambray/ruffle top on; I actually bought it thinking I would wear it for real, but on me it looks pretty ridiculous IRL. However, I am always on the lookout for tops with interesting detail that would look good in portraits, so I kept it. Honestly, it still doesn’t look all that great, but I thought I’d try it out.

It kind of pains me to post a photo of myself without makeup, but I’m willing to suffer for my art.

And, a few photos of the mess I make on picture day:

Neither of those clocks are accurate.

Torture tools for sensitive eyes.

7 thoughts on “Aftermath

  1. Your facial structure and great skin make a good canvas, that’s for sure. Does that MAC eye pencil stay? I have to use eyebrow pencil on the bottom rim of my eyes because anything else melts in this wicked heat. I admire your dedication to this artwork – I don’t think my own eyelashes could take the glue. Your counter looks like mine (except when guests come, of course) 🙂

  2. Love your eye color wow so pretty. Ya If I spend time doing my makeup more so my eyes I hate to take it off, but then feel better with it washed off.

  3. The images you create are fantastic and would think it’s very much worth the time and effort. I too sometimes want to keep the makeup on longer than necessary because I’m happy with the final outcome.

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