More Christmas Cheer

I decided to go clothes shopping Saturday morning, something I don’t do nearly as much as I used to. Unfortunately it was one of those times when I didn’t feel like trying much of anything on and wasn’t thrilled by much of anything I saw. Ah well. It’s not like I needed anything, anyway.

What I did get are more iPhone Christmas photos! So I’ll share those and call it a day.

The scene from the Saks Fifth Avenue escalator
Three geese a-baggage-claiming?
Thank you, Tiffany’s, for this awesome window display.
Editing note: the curtains behind the wreath, as well as the metal windowpanes, were actually gold, but I edited them to make the shot look cooler in tone and more winter-y. I’ll show you the original below so you can see the difference. 

Photo Nov 23, 9 50 54 AM
You’re welcome.
Probably the most photographed tree in the city
Have I ever mentioned that sky blue and red is my favorite color combination? Because it is.
This way out.
Santa’s village, located just north of Nordstrom.


13 thoughts on “More Christmas Cheer

  1. Is this a ‘Galleria’? We have them here in California and they look similar. Beautiful mall and great pictures. Especially like the tree. I have got to get out and go shopping! Thanks for reminding me. One of my fave combos is exactly the same, light blue and red. Funny :-). [Meanwhile, what IS up with that goose thing].

    • It’s Luis Vuitton, they have to do something to get attention. Poor geese. And yes, this is our Galleria. I usually love it, but yesterday was one of those days where I just couldn’t get into the shopping spirit even though I had some spending money to blow. I hate when that happens!

      • Oh yeah, I get that Louis Vuitton thing. I have a few of those I blew way too much money on in my foolish youth and really, they don’t match anything, afterall. What message they are sending in that window escapes me. Like you, shopping is therapy for me. I almost never have a shopping foray that doesn’t result in multiple impromptu (needless and frivolous) purchases. I should hire myself out because I don’t even care about who gets the item, it is apparently the transaction that is my fix…something for me to ponder.

        • I know people like that but that’s not me. This is going to sound terrible but I really only like shopping for myself! It is partly because I don’t know WHAT to get others, ever (terrible gift-buyer) but also because I’m selfish, I guess? I don’t have much of an excuse for it really LOL.

          I do have a sad story from yesterday’s shopping trip I may or may not share later…it involves “spending” all my money in one place and not having a thing to show for it after!

  2. Sounds like the time two one hundred dollar bills flew out of my hand when I was driving. I found them later when I sold that car! They went out the front window and into the back window, and slipped under the seat. I stewed over that for years. Hope you do share it.

  3. I still have a problem with the “Commercial” holidays starting well before Thanksgiving. In fact Target in our area had Christmas decorations for purchase in early October. Year by year things that produce money for retailers happen earlier and earlier.
    I have the same problem you have. I go shopping with best of intentions for buying gifts for others, and wind up finding things for myself. Terrible guilt trip later. But I bounce back quickly.
    Funny, your Galleria in Texas is so similar to ours here in No. California. Guess they’re all owned by Westfield?
    In 2008 I went into Tiffany’s here at our Galleria to purchase the popular Fleur De Lis Tiffany key. Remember, in 2008 half of the country was in foreclosure and unemployment was at a high, and Tiffany’s was crowded. Go figure.
    Sorry Marey, this turned in to your basic “Drivel” comment.
    Anyway, I refuse to do anything Christmassy, like shopping or decorating until after Thanksgiving.

    • I love Christmas decorations and music, so I don’t mind it all going up early. I still tend not to start buying gifts until after Thanksgiving but I totally admit to getting way into all the sparkles and lights!

      Our Galleria is a Simon property, so probably not the same, but let’s face it, how much different can one mall be from another? Ours has great stores though, and I do love it.

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