In the Pink

Got another three-day weekend, so I felt free to spend the day taking photos. I got my supposedly wrinkle-free backdrop in, and it’s not too bad. Out of the bag and hung on the wall there are definitely wrinkles, but they don’t show up all that much in the shots. And I went with a smaller size this time – 10 x 12 instead of 10 x 20, so it was not quite as big a hassle to hang up.

Look ma, no wrinkles

Working with a solid white background is weird for me, though. You would think white balance would be easy that way, but I find it’s not. Or maybe it was all the hot pink that caused the white balance to go awry – not sure. But much like my last shoot I came out a different tone in every pic. Perhaps that’s because I set the balance on my camera to fluorescent when lately I’ve been using the auto setting – not sure why I did that, I just get bored with setting it one way and switch it over to the other on occasion.

Skintone #1

I also set my Speedlite a little too low for the jumping shots, so I’m having to brighten them up when editing, which is a bit of a pain. And again, this solid white background is messing with me, making me feel uncertain about how best to process the shots. So every one comes out looking different. Which isn’t bad, but I do like some level of consistency in a shoot.

Yes, I actually do wear every single item of clothing in this ensemble out of the house (except the wig, which looks delightedly Whoo-villian here). Just not all at once.

The wig was $8.99 at Sam’s Beauty, and that’s about all it’s worth. Great for photos, but this wig doesn’t have a part, it actually has a SEAM running up the side of it instead, so yeah. Not realistic in the least. Too bad because the colors are fab. But I could never wear short blonde wigs anyway for real – my hair is too dark and always ends up sticking out or showing through somewhere.


The fuzzy sweater I got last week on  my Galleria trip with my friend – I ended up ordering a second one in blue that I should get in soon (it’s baby blue, which is my favorite color, and will match my blue Uggs perfectly. Yes I really did just say that). I may not have ever mentioned my love of fuzzy fabrics here before, but anything with interesting texture floats my boat. And not just for pictures. I’ve already worn this sweater once to work, and it was a big hit. Everyone wanted to touch it. My love of Uggs shall go undiscussed, because I know how loathed they are by most sane people. But I am not ashamed of my love for them, nor for how many pair I own (six, currently, but who’s counting).

Nice shot of the wig-seam part here. And this is definitely Skintone #2, with a touch of gray.

Next up I will share a few outtakes from this shoot. I came across two that were too good to ignore. One of them even ended up moving out of the ‘outtakes’ category and into the share-able one, because it’s such a good unintentional goofy-face. More later!

9 thoughts on “In the Pink

  1. Spectacular make up. The Gaga’s and Madonna’s should be working for you. Colors totally
    “original” and WORK. Three days well spent. Many thanks.

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