More pinkful pics

I know ‘pinkful’ isn’t a word, but it just popped into my head so there it is.

I am editing the hell out of that last shoot, so I thought I’d share a few more real quick. Also, I got another fuzzy sweater in the mail today – same as the pink one, only this one is baby blue. Gotta get pics in it soon!

This first shot includes a pair of glasses I got from Zenni Optical, and represents the occasional pitfalls one encounters when ordering frames online; in the photo they looked much less stark and insane than they do in reality. I really cannot wear these on the regular, they make me look nuts. But they are great for pics or when I really want to give off a super-freako-nerd vibe (which admittedly is not often):


The next one is missing something, but I don’t know what. I chose to process it because I liked the swoop of the hair, but I can’t get it to transform into anything capitvating:


I high-keyed, then pixlr‘ed the hell out of this one, and I love the results:

This photo is what I did Tuesday night instead of exercising

If you’re sick of pink and fuzzy photos you might want to check out for a few more days. I feel there will be even more coming soon. I have barely scratched the surface of the jumping shots I took in this outfit!


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