Random Shots

Here’s just a few more from the photoshoot. I’m pretty much out of things to say about it at this point, I think, so I’ll just share them and see what comes up.

This was a random shot taken while we were finishing up lunch:


I liked this one, but by the time we took these the paper backdrop was pretty wrinkled so I decided to add a light texture to it when editing; I’m not sure I like it, but it’s better than the backdrop wrinkles.


This last one’s pretty weird, but I liked the way the hair was flowing and how you can just barely see Candace’s eye peeking out: They were actually both down on their hands and knees after executing a yoga move, but I flipped it.


That’s it for now; but the new lens should arrive on Monday, so stay tuned! Although, another busy week at work is coming up, so I may not have much opportunity to use it until the weekend – but we’ll see.

7 thoughts on “Random Shots

  1. I especially love the first one (all are great, though). Very nice candid (seemingly) capture and with just the right softness and glow. The skin looks really nice in that one. So much work, but the results are excellent, imho.

  2. Your photos are so well done, with your backgrounds always matching what you are shooting. Your photos are pleasing and welcome to look at. I think your photographic skills have become extraordinary.

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