Saturday Break

My parents rented a house on the beach this weekend, so I’ll be heading out there tomorrow with my family. It’s been requested that I bring my camera to take head shots of my sister and some beach photographs I can get printed in black-and-white and framed for my mother’s house. There are also some plane spotting sites that can be found around the small airport in the area, so I should be busy photographically if nothing else. I am taking both camera bags and all my lenses and Speedlites so I can take all sorts of photos while I’m there, and I’m looking forward to it. The beach is only a bit over an hour from my house, so it’s a short trip, and I’ll be coming back Sunday morning to get my weekend errands done before another hectic week of work starts up.

This morning my mother posted a picture of the balcony view from their beach house on Facebook; I stole a copy of it to share with you here. It’s not the prettiest beach in the world, but whatever. There’s sand and water and a balcony, so I can make do. See you all at the end of the weekend!


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