Flower Powered

Would you believe that a day after getting out my trusty new super-tall step ladder to hang my old white backdrop on the wall the cool brick one from China came in? Figures. But as it turned out, my friend Lana sent me flowers Saturday, and given the day I had Friday it was a welcome and much-needed surprise. So thanks Lana!


Since I had the white backdrop up, I decided to use it for macro pictures of the flowers; these shots wouldn’t have worked against the printed brick background (at least I don’t think they would have) so it was probably best I hadn’t hung the other yet. These even inspired me to zip up to the grocery store and get some more to practice on, but I’ll show those later.


I used my macro lens, my two umbrella lights, my Speedlite on my 7D, and for added fill light in later shots I used a new gadget I bought recently called a FlashPipe – again, I’ll talk about the FlashPipe in a later post, as in these shots I’m sharing today I wasn’t even using it yet.

I don’t have many to share in this post, because editing them was time-consuming for reasons not related to the photos at all (my computer was being sluggish and difficult, and I had to re-boot a few times). But suffice it to say Simon felt he had to get in on the action, and I had to document that:


This last shot is actually of the teeny little purple flowers you can see in the Simon shot. I think I got some nice magnification and focus here:


I also used my Dirty Pictures filters on this one, not sure which I prefer:


I’m leaning towards the Dirty Pictures version, but let me know what you think. I know this post is brief, but it’s late and I’m tired, so I’m going to hang it up for now. Much more floral-ocity to come – but to close this out, enjoy a little video I made of Simon playing around behind the white backdrop. something he always does. As usual I forgot to turn my camera into landscape mode, so it’s a silly little strip of a video. But it is kinda cute.


16 thoughts on “Flower Powered

    • Thanks! I have a ton of these pics to sift through, it was more fun than I thought it would be and for once I think I got some decent macro shots! Maybe this is why so many people photograph flowers for their macros; they’re great models.

  1. Cute photo of Simon with the flowers! You are really getting good at closeups!

    PS. I would leave more replies but I signed on to WordPress hoping I could get my photo to show up but now I have to login everytime to leave a reply and have to dig out my password cuz IE doesn’t want to remember it!

    • Ugh!i Hate that! I don’t know why but on some blogs commenting for me can be such a pain that I sometimes don’t bother. I don’t why it’s like that sometimes, it’s really inconsistent and strange. 😦

    • It was a lovely surprise and they look great on my little office table! Simon has stopped trying to chew on them fortunately so all is well. I enjoyed taking these photos, as opposed as I have been in the past to taking flower pictures. I took over 500!

  2. Ugh, I’m in a business meeting and can’t watch the video! hahaha don’t tell anyone. But I LOVE the pix, and you know which is my favorite. Hint: fur.

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