Zombie Bomb

A few more pics from Saturday I thought I’d share:


Some great news about this pic – Pixlr has finally answered my prayers and created a desktop version so that I can use it to edit .TIFF files! I am totally thrilled about this, as it always bugged me to have to edit JPEGs, which already have reduced quality. There is a free and a membership version, and so far I’ve just been using the free one, but I fully intend to become a member because I want to support Pixlr as I think it’s great. So, this photo was the first time I used it on a TIFF file. I think there’s some muddy shadows in the lower left-hand corner which were a result of some sloppy work with the burn tool in Photoshop, but the lighting effects I added in Pixlr were terrific and really added to the shot. And there’s that awesome faux fur vest I got for peanuts at Nordstrom last winter! I can’t wait to wear it when it’s really cold outside. Here’s one more:


Surprisingly, the shots I took using the short wig, which is actually not a costume wig but a real one that is made to be worn in the everyday, came out much better than the other two campy costume wigs I wore during the shoot. My first one, a long silver one, didn’t create one successful shot, and the orange wig only generated one or two shots of interest. But in this short, fairly normal-looking one I got a ton of shots that I liked. Perhaps it’s because the makeup needed to take center stage and the other two wigs competed too much with it, or it could be because I found the other two particularly difficult to wear (the orange one in particular is really heavy and annoying) and wasn’t posing as well in them because of that. For whatever reason, the short wig worked best so I have more of that one to work with.

All in all I’m pleased with what I got out of this shoot, especially considering I started the whole thing later, after a full day of running around, which is something I usually don’t like to do. I didn’t get all the makeup on and start shooting until around 5 PM, and that’s normally when I’m finishing up. But I’m all for trying to break myself out of my routines whenever possible, especially with my time being more limited right now.






13 thoughts on “Zombie Bomb

  1. Marey, in the first photograph, I am, of course, attracted to that wonderful Nordstrom vest. Yes! I would be looking forward to Fall too with that stunning piece! I agree with you. I like the short wig.(second shot) It does make the make up stand out more. And, somehow look more ominous! Both photographs are wonderful. The blurriness in the lower left corner of the first shot does not bother me. All in all your new software (and your artistry) is a winner!

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