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I am so excited, because we’ve had a nice little cool front this week that should last through the weekend, and as long as rain doesn’t roll in Saturday (which it might) my father and I are heading out to the observation area at IAH to do some plane spotting. Now, I know that in no way are you interested in watching 13+ minutes of plane footage from this location, but I liked this video the best of the ones I found on YouTube – I think it really gives you a sense of the observation park and how close the planes are when they fly overhead. So, I’m including the video anyway and you can watch of it what you want.

Lots could go wrong with this plan, but then again, that’s true of aviation in general; weather dictates what happens more than anything, so if the winds aren’t blowing in the right direction the runway where this observation spot is located might not get used all that much. It’s doubtful, since this runway is one of the busiest at the airport, but it’s happened to me before at Hobby, so we’ll see. Tons of Continental planes here since IAH is a home base, but during the afternoon hours loads of international flights and interesting planes landing and taking off, too. So here’s hoping it works out and we get to go.

I probably won’t post much more until after the trip, because I’m having a bad week with my arm (and Sandy the massage therapist had some surgery and can’t work until after October 20th) and I want it to be in some sort of shape to hold up my zoom lens and 7D. Saving my strength, and I’ll probably take my monopod or tripod along to help out, too. For added fun, here’s another video of footage from IAH, there are some really HUGE planes in this one, 777s and the like:

Oh ,and one other note: Stitch Fix not only contacted me to apologize for sending me a lame shipment, they also gave me my $20 stylist’s fee back for the month. AND, they sent me another shipment which I am due to get this Saturday. So I’ll be able to photograph that sometime too, but it might be awhile since this weekend is going be pretty busy as it is.


14 thoughts on “Plane Plans

  1. [Named for one of my fave Presidents, lol.]

    Sounds exciting. I hope the weather cooperates.

    By the way, there is an incredible article in the latest Vanity Fair on why that Air France plane crashed in 2009 (?) when its pitot tubes clogged with ice. What is really riveting about the article is what it says is happening throughout US and international aviation with regard to the way planes are designed and the declining quality of pilots. Honestly, after reading it, I may never get on a plane again. Check it out:

    • You should watch Air Disasters on Smithsonian channel. One hour documentaries on plane crashes. Exceptionally well done with consideration for all involved. I don’t fly anymore and had friends and family in commercial crashes. I was in 2 small plane crashes, one was minor, the other I was slightly injured. Hopefully I will never have to fly again commercially.

      • I do watch it! I watch any and all plane crash shows I can find because I am fascinated by them. Sorry to hear you have experienced them first-hand – that must have been very frightening. I watch them so much it does scare me to fly now; I choose to mostly admire them from the ground. But I AM fascinated by them and I think airplanes are just beautiful machines.

    • I started to read it but will have to finish it later as I want to give it my full attention and I’m still at school right now! That particular crash has always been a fascinating one for me – ultimately there was no reason why that plane should have crashed, the pilots just got confused and couldn’t pull it together in time it seems. And a lot of people talking about it now in comparison to the Malaysian flight too.

      • It is a gripping detailed explanation of why it all happened. Unfortunately, it didn’t make me feel better, because the problem extends far beyond the three pilots on that flight and that particular plane. The article is long, but worth it, imho.

        • Well, that was harrowing. And completely frustrating. I am definitely still guilty of glorifying pilots and seeing them as heroes. Maybe the trick is to fly in older planes that have less automation? No Airbuses at least? Except, as the article points out, as long as nothing goes wrong they are much safer than older models…fortunately for me I don’t like to travel anyway!

          • For me, I like the 767 and 757, older, but not as old as a 737, reliable. The first 777s are good. I never fly Airbuses or any MDs. And now that I have seen what I care to see of the world, I go where I can go by train or car (not boats, another story). I like to be in control and at least a train is on the ground! I used to check each flight crew to be sure there was one gray-haired pilot and one in his 30s. That article put the lie to that concept.

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