Red China Dress Set

Remember that red dress I mentioned in a previous post? Well, it finally arrived – and as soon as I got a free day to myself I shot some photos in it. They turned out amazing, but I’ve only had to edit three of the shots so far; the end of the semester was flat-out awful (at least as far as my stress level goes) so I’ve not had time to post, visit other people’s blogs, share anything on Flickr, or do much of anything except work and cry the last three weeks so it’ll take me awhile to catch up. Sorry!


In the photo above I was sitting on a small stool, but obviously I managed to edit out of the shot. The dress moves beautifully, although it is a heavy linen and a bit stiff; it’s also lined, so it was actually a pretty nice deal at $60. The shape of it is also strange, so it created some beautiful movement shots. I can’t wait to edit more – but first, let’s back up and take a look at a few more photos I edited from my silver wig set a few weeks back:


I could easily edit more from this session as I loved the colors and the movement of the wig; in fact, I found two or three more wigs from the same company in this color and ordered those, too, along with some other fun colors I intend to play around with soon. One of them is shorter but still wavy, and then I bought two long straight ones. I also got this one jumping shot from that shoot:


This one’s a bit of a composite in that I added more hair to it from another photo; the Robin wig I’m wearing here is lovely but it’s quite light and low density so it doesn’t create a lot of movement in shots, and I often take two photos of the wig in  motion and blend them together to give the illusion of more hair as well as something more interesting to look at. I’m also wearing a lot of my Oh My Gauze stuff here, which as usual photographs fabulously (oh, and my shaggy Free People cardigan I paid WAY too much for last year but have worn repeatedly since and therefore don’t regret it).


Believe it or not, this is also from the same shoot; right at the end of the session I threw on a few other wigs and messed around a little, but I was already tired and uninterested in continuing to pose so nothing was much good at this point. But one night recently I got the itch to edit something, so I pulled this one up and gave it a go. it isn’t bad, but it’s not thrilling either, so I jacked around with the colors a LOT to get something going that I liked. It’s still just OK in my book, but at least it’s worth looking at now (at least I think it is).

Now back to a few more of the new red dress:


In some of the photos I was actually leaping while in others I sat on stools or chairs which I edited out later; this one was an actual leap. My feet were sticking out at the bottom but I removed them in Photoshop, and I added a little texture to the background just because the black against that bright red looked a bit too stark. But you can definitely see how nicely the dress moves here.


I’m cheating here, because this is actually a pose I’ve done before, but I liked the shape it created so I edited it anyway. I was actually sitting on an ottoman but it looks like I’m pulling off a nice little plie or something.

That’s all I have for now; tomorrow I am supposed to go out to IAH with my father to watch planes, so I may have some jet shots to share soon. But there’s lots more where these red ones came from, so you’ll be seeing more of those in the future too. If I don’t get back to blogging here before it happens, Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates it! Even though I’m off I’ve got a busy week ahead with doctor’s appointments and visits with friends, so I’ll be back here when I can.

(Oh, and for anyone who has access to my private blog, I wrote a new post that you can find here. It’s mostly about work and friendships – you know, the usual).

6 thoughts on “Red China Dress Set

  1. Oh Cynthia, I have missed your pics so much and I’m sorry it’s been so difficult of late for you. You bring such life and joy to others. Have you ever thought of framing your shots and putting them up for sale? You look so spectacular. Love that dress – can’t believe it was only $60. – the red is so vibrant and your wigs – wow. Where do you get such extraordinary wigs from? I love that short cropped wig in the last photo – altogether stunning. You are so gifted in the art of make-up, poses, clothes, photography – surely you could be snapped up within a world of leaping with a great salary. Your artistry is priceless. Many blessings with family and friends this Christmas and positivity galore in 2016 for you. As always, you’ve made my day, Deb

  2. Just amazing Cynthia!!! The red dress is the BOMB! I love it! Seems like it was made just for you! Will you wear it to a party as well? Going to a faculty party with my hubby tonight…wearing my OH MY GAUZE black harem pants with tights…as it’s cold and a really gorgeous poncho I got from Soft Surroundings…. I only get to dress up once in a great while around here. LOL Have a wonderful Christmas and a healthy New Year!!!

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