Up and Running

I’ve brought the blog back up, but the wig reviews are still down. At this point, I don’t think I will bring them back, but you never know with me. I’m definitely done reviewing any new ones, since at this point it just doesn’t seem worth it to me when all people who watch them can do is nitpick and complain. Let all those people who find fault with everyone who tries to share their opinions about wigs via video step up and make some for a change, is pretty much where I’m at with it at this point.


We got in all the photos I had printed to hang around the house, so I thought I’d share the final result of that. In this photo, which we put on our fireplace mantel, the original had a purple curtain in the image, which I changed to gray to make it match more with our decor. This is one of my favorites that we got printed onto canvas.

front room

This one is in our front room – not sure how I feel about this one, mostly because although I got it printed on the largest canvas the company had, it still gets dwarfed on this wall. All the furniture in this room is pretty old and mish-mash, as well, but I found some small rugs online that I threw over the settee and chairs and it actually doesn’t look half-bad. None of the furniture is very comfortable, though, so I ended up getting big floor pillows to sit on when I spend time in there. Strange little-known fact about me: I have always preferred sitting on the floor to sitting on furniture. Who knows why.

gold balls

office 1

office 2

And yes, I did hang pictures of myself in my office, thankyouverymuch. I know it looks vain and kinda weird, but I love a lot of my self-portraits and movement/motion/costume shots, and I wanted to print some up and hang them somewhere – and the room where I do my photoshoots seemed like the logical choice. I had a few more I really loved and wanted to print, but I would have had to put them in other parts of the house to do so and it did seem like overkill to hang big prints of myself all over the area. So, I stuck with these and called it a day. You may have also noticed that a lot of these prints are a bit crooked or off-center – and I totally admit to not caring about that. I never have, and it makes a lot of people (like Doug) crazy that to me, just getting close to straight is enough for me.

I also think I hung these too high on the wall, but again, I don’t really care:

pet wall

I call this our “pet wall;” it’s upstairs in the loft which functions as my husband’s office (hence the mess everywhere – he’s even more sloppy than I am). In spite of how much I love color in my shots, I transformed a lot of them into monochrome for printing, just because when hung side by side they tended to clash – that happened with the pet shots and the photos I hung in my office, too.


The bedroom has had a few issues – at first I bought all white bed linens, because I loved the look, but since our pets run the house and deposit themselves on all of our furniture, that lasted about a month before I had to make a change. I refuse to spend a lot on bed linens, though, because of the aforementioned pet issue, so I found this new comforter set on eBay for $60 and I actually like it – even though I still prefer the look of the solid white.

I finally set up a photoshoot yesterday and took new pictures, so I’ll share more of those in a later post. At least the major house stuff is finally done!

23 thoughts on “Up and Running

  1. The picture above the bed reminds me of a headboard, it really suits the space. I think you chose the perfect shots for each of your rooms and I am so impressed and envious that your truly amazing skills are surrounding you in your beautiful home. They just add such a personal touch and so many memories. Also, with these being photos of yours you could easily change them out over time without much worry versus what you might have spent on original art. Mary, I just love your work.

    • That’s exactly why I chose that photo! I thought it looked like a headboard too. And it was nice to get to see my work in print, since I’ve never printed anything before. I’d like to get a site set up to sell my photos for printing; it’s on my ever-growing list of things to do.

    • I will probably put them back up, but most likely I won’t do any more of them. I generally only buy costume stuff now anyway and they are just too expensive now for me to buy the more realistic ones.

  2. I loved your wig reviews too! They helped me make decisions when ordering wigs. You do such a great job showing styles and colors!

  3. Hi Cynthia,
    Your images are all stunning!!! And I see nothing wrong with hanging self portraits. They are art!!! I’m a portrait artist myself but mine are usually drawn in pencil or charcoal. What I love about yours is the fact that you’re not only the model but also the photographer & editor as well. And you’re so creative with your outfits and wigs. Your poses and expressions are creative as well.
    I’m glad your blog is back. I was worried about you. I hope you’re feeling better! πŸ™πŸΌ I will miss your wig videos but I can understand you taking them down if people are being critical. I was and am still grateful for all I’ve learned from your videos and what you’ve shared about your experiences with brands and wig shops. 😊

    • Thanks Julie – I’d love to see your work sometime!

      I will probably put my previous reviews back on the blog sometime soon, but due to cost and just the general bitchiness of the internet, I probably won’t keep doing them. Wigs are getting too damn expensive anyway!!

      • I hear you!!! I’m blown away by the price increases! And I also hear you on how the internet can be. In fact, it’s why I don’t post my art. There are too many weirdos and even trolls. There’s a beautiful young lady I’ve followed on YouTube. She’s posted her cancer journey and her videos were so creative. Her spirit was so honest, genuine and witty. She passed away just a couple of days ago at age 16. And a troll posted a comment telling the parents to bury her nasty corpse and be done with her once no for all… yeah, I have no use for people like that!
        If your able to get my email address from my post, send me a mail and I’ll email you a few pics of my drawings. I know you’re not a weirdo or a troll. I just don’t trust the rest of the internet world. People are cruel!

        • OMG I know what you mean. There was a really young girl who was on YouTube and she passed away about two years ago…before she died, her channel had gotten really big and she got invited on Ellen and got the cover of some magazine, and I remember people commenting on her video about how ‘the only reason she got all this attention’ was because she had cancer and that really wasn’t fair. I was just DONE after seeing that. Really?! This kid isn’t gonna see her 20th birthday and you think it’s unfair she gets attention in the last years of her life?! OMG social media is the death of all human decency and kindness, I swear.

          I don’t know if I can get your email or not, but I will look. πŸ™‚

  4. I love the look you have created in your home. You and your art are truly an inspiration to us all. Adore the photos on your pet wall – so beautiful, and I also love the photos in your office.

    Thank you for “coming back” and taking the time to share part of your life with us all! I really missed your posts whilst you were “away”.

      • Thanks Cynthia. It always brightens up my day when I receive one of your blog notifications. It is a treasure to be able to read your blog, amaze, wonder and enjoy your beautiful artwork, and love your fashion updates – love Free People clothing. Because of your blog, I have purchased several items from them. Thank you again!!

        • Thanks Vicki! I have a pant I got from FP called the “What’s Up” pants; it’s a super-baggy sweatpant that is so cute and everytime I wear them at least one person stops me and asks me where I got them. I bought them in every color LOL.

  5. Wow, I really love the unique and creative look your photos give to your house! Very very cool. I like all of it, though of course the pet wall is my favorite ;).

  6. I love the pet pictures so much! They are just incredible. Where do you get them printed so big?

    I can’t tell you how many wig purchases I have made based on your reviews. People suck. I know it’s hard to ignore them but don’t give them a second of your time, then they have won.

    • Thanks! Honestly I’ve no idea what I am doing, but we are making it work.

      And don’t you just love that paint? At first I was bummed it wasn’t darker but now I really love it.

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