Hello all – just a few quick updates so none of wonder what the hell is going on when my next full post hits your email.

Among my many hobbies and obsessions are horror movies – particularly found footage horror, which is probably the most maligned genre in the horror game but I love it anyway, and always have since Blair Witch Project back in the 90’s. Perhaps it’s my love of all things documentary that makes FF so tantalizing to me – who knows. For whatever the reason, I’m feeling the itch to review some of my favorites and upload them here, so feel free to ignore them since it’s probably not your thing. I doubt anyone will read them but I don’t much care – because of the pandemic I am more bored than usual, watching way too many FF films online (due to the lack of budget required to make such a movie, there are literally tons of them available – most of them awful, but I try to find something redeeming in each one. I often fail, but still, I try). Since my husband isn’t into them, and I have no one else to discuss them with, I’m just going to write up some of my favorites in a new category, so feel free to ignore at your leisure.

In other update news in lieu of a full-length post: Daisy the kitty is fully integrated into the house now and is running around like a maniac. I’m still staying home as much as possible and have managed to stay healthy as has the husband. I have not gained back any of the 20 or so pounds I lost a few months ago but I have re-injured my torn rotator cuff and working on getting the PT to work for it again as I want to avoid surgery. I am not taking photos at all, but AM doing a ton of coloring – therefore, I have no photos of anything to share at this time but when I do a proper post later I will take some and upload, including the pages from the hilarious Cat Butt coloring book a blog reader sent me (you know who you are – wink).

And in “I am going to tell you this but I don’t want to say much about it” news, our beloved ten year old dog Sprocket died in December. We were heartbroken but it’s just what we sign onto when we take on a dog. We know they won’t live forever, and that at some point we will have to say goodbye. So we’ve said goodbye to one of our babies, and we miss him still.

More soon! I hope you all are well!

11 thoughts on “Update!

    • I just stopped giving in to my cravings every time I had one and really cut back on my portions and snacking. I’m kinda surprised it has worked so well to be honest LOL

      • Well done, especially during Covid. My weight is pretty stable but I would love to say goodbye to 10 pounds and have a flat tummy again. But I fear that ship has sailed. I am pretty disciplined with my food intake and did lose a bit with 16/8 intermittent fasting but missed breakfast too much.
        I thought Sprocket would be older than 10 years. He must have been very young when he first started popping up in Wigsupport videos. Do you still have your other dog….Penny was it?

  1. Sorry to hear about Sprocket. But ten years is long in dog years. Sooooo happy to see a blog post from you. And looking forward to reading more. Congratulations on keeping the weight off. I’ve lost all my covid weight and feel great.

  2. I like FF films, too! Blair Witch was SO scary. Sorry to hear about you rotator cuff, hang in there. Sorry to hear about Sprocket, too.:-( You’ve piqued my curiosity: cat butt coloring book? Happy coloring!

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