Still really sick. Haven’t felt this crummy in several years. Too sick to write in complete sentences, obviously. Who needs subjects anyway? Predicates rule.

Found this broken piece of ornament on the pavement by the school’s bell tower. No idea why it’s there in the middle of August, or what sort of ornament it might be other than a Christmas one. Anyway, great colors.


I also found a little graffiti inside the tower; being a good employee I was sure to tell the facilities manager it was there so they can clean it up. Hey, love graffiti is still graffiti, after all.


This is the shot I referenced in my previous post about taking these photos; my friend had the idea to shove the crepe myrtle branch over so it would show up in the shot and I was focused too far out, capturing her hands in the shot. I don’t know why, but this really cracks me up (we did get a much nicer shot when I focused in more closely; she’s still pushing the branches over so they show up in the picture).


OK, this last shot I love. We were taking some photos from the school’s balcony when I noticed this weird mannequin head in the window of a teacher’s classroom. I have no idea why the teacher owns this thing; who knows – I popped off this shot really quickly and loved everything about it, even in the LCD screen. The shadows and reflections are just perfect, at least in my opinion. Not exactly what the advancement director wanted for her school brochure, but this is definitely the shot that made the whole day worthwhile for me.


That’s all for today…back to bed.