More From The Forty

The more photos I edit from Thursday’s jaunt down to the antique district, the more I understand why people over at Phoblographer are enthusiastic about the Canon 40mm pancake lens. I also had to get past the boredom of going over the shots from this particular part of town because, as I think I mentioned last time, good deals to be had there or no, it isn’t very photogenic:

See what I mean (and how did I miss cropping out that pole)?

The feature of this lens that gets the most raves (aside from the light weight and unobtrusive size) is its clarity, something I wasn’t particularly looking for when shooting candids of people at my nieces’ graduation party, but I admit when looking over the photos from this set I was struck by how sharp they came out:

Every time I go to Historic Rosenberg I take a photo of this wall 

Another oft-photographed and nicely-detailed building; too bad I managed to turn the sky brown when color-correcting it 

I did come across a store I hadn’t photographed a million times already; it’s a new store that sells contemporary furniture and clothes rather than the antiques (ie, junk) most of the other stores sell. I popped in to see what  they had going on, but it didn’t interest me – lots of big metal Stars of Texas and slogans burned into driftwood and clothes with rhinestones, that kind of thing.

Oh, and cowhides.

The area all around these few blocks of shops is pretty run-down, and although it tries to make itself presentable, there just isn’t much in the way of foliage or character to give it panache. The historical society is always doing things to promote the area, though, including restoring this historic home:

Pretty, no?

Well no, actually.

I’m not sure how this home will be used once it’s completed, but if it’s going to be residential they’ll have to seriously watch the kids when they’re in the backyard. That’s how this area has always been: come across one pretty structure and you’re sure to find something industrial and/or run-down right next to it. But they keep trying. And if you ever get tired of it and don’t know how to get out, they also sell these at a reasonable price:

Click your heels together and a bunch of sequins fall off.

So, this ended up being a post more about Rosenberg than my 40mm lens, but the two have some things in common. They’re small, they’re functional, they’re good deal-oriented, and they have more going on beneath the surface than you might think. Suffice it to say I like both of them just fine.