Here’s goodly gear

OK, I know that quote from Romeo and Juliet doesn’t quite mean what I intend it to mean, but once I got the idea of sharing some recently discovered “gear” for photos here, I couldn’t get it out of my head. I used to teach the play to ninth graders, so quotes from it pop into my mind and try to apply to situations in my life that aren’t really appropriate all the time, so I just go with it. And now all sorts of internet searchers are going to come across this post about foam wigs from Target because they’re searching for that phrase and wonder what the hell is going on. Anyway.

Yes that’s right, I did say foam wigs from Target. The other day, an internet friend posted a link to these Halloween wigs by Chris March for Target and as soon as I saw them, I knew I had to have one, specifically this one:

Shut up if you don’t think this has my name on it.

Most of these fabulous foam wigs are not for sale online,and none of the ones I was interested in were, so after work yesterday I rushed over to the nearby SuperTarget to see if I could snag one. Alas, here is what greeted me when I reached the Halloween area of the store:

Too early seen unknown, and known too late!

So many bald mannequin heads, so few colorful foam wigs left! And notice – not one in pink. The salesperson scanned the sticker for that one, and it showed that there were none left anywhere in my area. Bummer. So, to compensate for not getting the one I really wanted, I bought two runners-up (yes, this is how my mind works when it comes to shopping):

Yes it’s fabulous, but too literal. I can’t do anything other than Medusa with it, really.

More my style, but flat; I like the roundness and dimensionality of the pink afro best. 

Anyway, I have everyone I know on a nation-wide search for that pink one, so if you see it in your area, pick it up! It’s only twenty bucks and I will gladly pay for shipping, although shipping this thing is gonna be a beast because it’s huge, it’s foam, and it doesn’t fold. My two were shoved into a HUGE bag that I was able to carry out of the store (someone in the checkout line thought they were pool toys, LOL).

Hoping to get some shots done with Medusa today, but we’ll see. Lots of errands to run first.