Thankful Collage

First of all, I’m thankful to the Pixlr blog for making one of my recent photos their Pic of the Day!


Also, someone I follow on Flickr made a collage representing things he was feeling thankful about this Thanksgiving. I liked the idea, but hit a snag because, as I’ve mentioned here before, I tend not to take photos when around friends or family or important events, because I get too absorbed in taking pics and forget to socialize and play nice with others. So I had to get a bit imaginative with some of the photos to be sure they represented the people and things to which I wanted to give thanks, but didn’t necessarily have a photo to show.


1. My father and I at the air show; 2. Making new friends; 3. Reuniting with old friends; 4. Family (represented by my nieces); 5. RIP Ramone (thankful for 14 years with your sweet self); 6. Doug; 7. Sprocket and Penny, of course; 8. Summer vacation on Canyon Lake; 9. Simon, of course

This is really only the tip of the iceberg, but I got the idea to do this late and didn’t have time to snap photos of some the things I would have liked to include (like my master’s degree, for example). And I didn’t know how to represent everyone who comes and reads my blog posts and comments, because I am thankful for all of you too.

And yes, I used Pixlr to create the collage.What else?