Ugg Shots

You’re welcome for that title. Moving on.

I’ve had this silly idea for awhile to make a pyramid out of all my Uggs and take a photo of it for posterity, and tonight I got in the pair I bought last week when I was home sick – banana yellow, thank you very much – and decided it was time to do it.

Would you believe I left a pair out by mistake? Damn.

I was actually a bit disappointed in my Ugg pyramid – I envisioned it being taller. But while it was up there, I decided to take more photos of them. I think this proves that I will, in fact, take pictures of anything. I will also share those pictures on my blog, no matter how trivial and stupid they are.

The bows are cute, but they don’t really tighten even if you re-tie them, so these boots end up being really loose, which I don’t like.

I like the texture of the suede in this shot. Interestingly, this blue is my absolute favorite color, but I don’t like it as a boot. They’re too bright and cute and no matter what I wear with them (with the exception of one long blue hippie-looking sweater), all attention is drawn to my feet.

I just liked the composition of this. That’s my one leather pair of Uggs with the rhinestone bows; they’re unusual and quite luxurious. And there’s my new yellow pair at the top.

I’ve noticed several really cute photos on Pinterest of cats sitting inside Ugg boots, so while I still had the shoe pyramid going I tried to incorporate Simon into some of the shots. He would NOT settle into a boot, but he did like the empty boxes.

My Ugg-foot is a respectable size 8. Yep.

Simon about to scale Ugg mountain. OK, so he didn’t even try.

As far as photos of cats posed in front of shoes go, this one is pretty sweet.

I used my new ExpoDisc with these shots, and I continue to be pleased with the results of that thing. Now if I can just get my hands on a decently-priced 70-200mm f/4L, I’ll be happy – at least until the next must-have purchase comes along (I think I can eventually get that lens for between $400-$500, I just can’t do it this month as I’ve got my play money allotted to some other things. But I can save up about half of that and try to score one next month).

And just because I have nowhere else to put this – a new grocery store shot!

Photo Mar 09, 4 08 16 PM
It’s a chicken selling…chicken. Wait, is that weird?