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Days Away

Friends, it’s been a long week. Parent Night was Wednesday and I never caught up; I swear I don’t know how people work a full day and then do anything else with their time but go home and rest. I’ve never been good at it and have always felt I need a full evening to recover from having to get out of the house in the morning. But I didn’t get much of that and don’t stand to get more in the future, as I right now I’m trying to run all my errands during the week, after work, so my weekends are free for my husband and his father. I’m not complaining (OK maybe I am a little, which is shameful) but it’s got me off my game for real. My routine is flustered and I am ruffled (which is nothing compared to what Doug is dealing with, so I’ll shut up now). But, I still took pictures!

day 26_final

I believe I’m up to Day 30 now, so I’ve almost made it one month into the project. I honestly didn’t think I’d make it a month, so I’m already terribly impressed with myself. And I only cheated once!

day 27_Snapseed
Simon is baffled by the whole thing, though – she’s taking my picture AGAIN?!

I don’t want to go on too much about this, but work is throwing me for a loop. Again. If you’ve been following me for awhile and are currently thinking, this seems to be a trend for her, yeah, you’re right. I felt lost for the two years I spent as a counselor, and now here I am in a whole new position and…feeling lost again. I’m not even going to get into why because enough is enough with all that, I reckon. If I’m lost, so be it. I moved into this position for certain reasons, and I have to appreciate those aspects of it and suck the rest up. I am coming to the realization that when it comes to work, I lack a lot more confidence in myself than I ever realized. I’ve viewed it as many other things – lack of experience at this or that, lame co-workers, bad job choices – but the truth is, I doubt myself too much and tend to focus on the things I do wrong at the expense of acknowledging anything I might do right. And at 45 years of age well, it may always be that way. It doesn’t mean I can’t still find some enjoyment in what I do and deal with it. And hopefully, accepting it for what it is instead of making more excuses is a step towards getting it under control. Moving on.

day 29_Snapseed
This is baby ketchup a co-worker says she stole from a Vegas hotel, where apparently everything is tiny? Probably a better story than it is a photo, but whatever.

day 30_final

By the way, all the photos I’ve shared above are 365 photos. The next two aren’t – they’re very old photos (about two years to be exact) that I never processed and decided to work on today for no real reason other than having nothing new to edit.


This is such an old set; it’s probably one of the first times I ever got arty and creative with my jumping shots, and I still think it’s one of my best. I can’t edit it as precisely as I would like because when I took these I didn’t have my camera settings right to edit them in Photo Ninja, but I managed to do some good work on it in Photoshop. Here’s one more:


At least we have Monday off so I am hopefully going to have time this weekend to do a full shoot. I hope I can work up the energy because I’m still zonked and a little stressed, but I’m not going to focus on that! I have to remember that in all things, my best is all I can do, and if it isn’t good enough, then at least I know I’m trying. In photography as well as the job. Have a happy Saturday,everyone!

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