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All Is Well(butrin)


Overall this weekend has been much better than last week. The aches and pains with my new medication have subsided, except for the fact that my back and neck muscles tend to be tighter and get pulled easily now (well, easier than they did before, which was already pretty easy) and twice I’ve had a pulled muscle in my neck that’s caused me pain for a day or two. If I would remember to do my yoga every evening this probably wouldn’t keep happening, but many days I forget to do it. Moving on.

I haven’t had time for photos, but I have been occasionally going through old stuff and finding new pics to edit, like the one above. It’s from March of 2013, and I primarily liked the lighting of it so I worked with the shadows to make them more pronounced. I had a ring light set up behind me in these shots – something I mean to do more often but always forget – and I liked the effect of it on my outline as well.


I took a ton of shots on this day, and at the time I didn’t need loads of pictures of me jumping in this blue dress, but it was so long ago that I can now go back and look at the set with fresh eyes and see other shots I like.

Even though I’ve had no time for studio photos, on Saturday afternoon I took a gander at my FlightRadar24 app and saw that IAH was using the runway near the observation area; this was the area I tried to go to view planes with my father a few weeks ago when the runway wasn’t in operation. Even though it was already almost 3 PM, I spontaneously decided to make the hour drive out there anyway and take my camera along. I was driving up the tollway, so proud of myself for doing something like this on a whim without worrying about the time or the drive, when I ran up against a massive traffic jam caused by road construction and ended up having to turn around and go back home. So, my second attempt to shoot planes at IAH went awry, and I went home with nothing again. Instead, I pulled up my older plane photos and found one to process:


It wasn’t a great shot, but I liked the sunlight on the windshield and the cranes in the distance. I added the tilt-shift effect to try and disguise the noisiness of the shot a little. In brighter news, next weekend is Wings Over Houston again, and Doug and I both got front-row seats with my father; I’ll get plenty of pictures of planes then (unless something goes wrong, which I always have to anticipate, it seems). Even if I can’t get any shots there, it will be nice to see some planes in action again. It’s been awhile.


My mood is much improved, although it’s not like I’m dancing about whistling Dixie all day long – I’m still less than thrilled with the new job, and I still have more demands on my time than I am accustomed to having (and Doug has officially taken a leave of absence from his job to care for his father). But I feel more clear-headed about things rather than drowning and floundering in them. When Saturday came, I was tempted to give in to the gloom that envelops me when I get a little breathing room from work and spend too much of it reflecting on what I don’t like about it, but instead I decided to shift my thoughts to what I was going to do to change my situation and what I’d be doing if I wasn’t stressed about my job. It came to me in a flash and seemed really obvious, but at the same time it was pretty miraculous because I’d never even had the thought that I could just leave the stress of the job for when I’m actually doing the job (since it’s going to be there then anyway) and not hang onto it all weekend and allow it to spoil things. I focused on what I need to do to set myself up to get into a better working situation next year, and I actually feel this time like I can accomplish it. So while I’d like to think this is all me, I have to give the Wellbutrin credit for helping me along.

Other than that, the week has been uneventful. Stitch Fix sent me another crappy shipment; black skinny jeans (BORING – I already own three pair), a horrible navy blue, short-sleeved, v-neck sweater that I wouldn’t be caught dead in (honestly, my profile says I like artsy and bohemian looks, what in the world is boho about a navy blue v-necked sweater?), a knit cowl-neck top that was OK but nothing special, yet another silk shell that I would never wear (have never kept any of the silk shells they’ve sent me before and have complained about every single one), and a crappy necklace. I’ve pretty much decided that Stitch Fix is great if you like what they define as a “classic” look, but if you’re artsy and bohemian they really don’t have much to ship you. My best friend is Classic all the way,and she’s actually had to cut back on her shipments because she loves everything they send her and it’s getting too pricey, but for me the results aren’t nearly that great. As an experiment, I went into my profile and upped my price point to the highest possible ($200+)  just to see if next time around I get better stuff as a result. If I don’t, I may cancel the service entirely, but we’ll see.

MAC’s Coconutty

In other news that none of you will really care about (nor should you), I finally found a replacement for the MAC Coconutty lipstick I wore forever until it got discontinued about a year ago. I seriously have worn it since my mid-twenties; I only like brown lipsticks but most of them are either too dark or turn pink when put on my skin. Coconutty was the perfect mix of bronze and brown to look natural but not flat or boring, and I’ve wasted more money on lipsticks in the past year to try and find one that was close to it than I care to think about. Until, that is, I thought to type “lipstick bronze brown” into Google images and check out photos. Sure enough, one of the pictures led me to an almost exact match; the good news is that’s it by Maybelline and only costs $6 as opposed to the $17 I paid at MAC. So, if any of you are on the lookout for about 800 lipsticks that are slightly used and all some variation of brown, let me know. I’ve got a few I could send you.

Maybelline’s Bronzed Brown


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