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Video Wig Review: May by Noriko in Butter Pecan-R

Countdown! I have to go back to work tomorrow. Boo. However, I’ve caught some sort of miserable cold/flu-like thing that has my head stuffy, my ears ringing, my throat sore, and my temperature up to about 100 degrees, so perhaps I’ll be getting one more day off. Not that I’ll enjoy it. Moving on.

I’ve owned May before, and it’s never been a favorite. Why buy another one? Because I caught a glimpse of Cysterwigs on YouTube reviewing a Regan in Butter Pecan-R, and I was fascinated by the color. It’s a golden blonde with these beautiful brown lowlights laced throughout – admittedly, on Regan it looked stripey, but the rooted version of the color appeared more blended from what I could tell when looking online. Once I decided I wanted to try it out, I had to choose the proper style to give the color a go; I knew I wanted to go with a bob of some sort, something not too short but not too long either. Hailey and May were my two choices, and Hailey was really huge on me the last time I tried her, so May it was.


There’s something about the cut of May, though, that never quite works for me. I guess it’s too layered for my liking; I thought steaming the part to the other side would make it work better, but when I saw it while editing the video after filming I realized it was still underwhelming on me. And the color is pretty, but really more so in close-ups than from a distance. It’s not that the golden blonde isn’t lovely; it’s just that those delicious lowlights kinda disappear, making the overall effect just, well, blonde.

It’s a perfectly nice wig, though, and a lovely color, and at a nice price (around $99 at Gallery of Wigs and Name Brand Wigs). Just didn’t end up thrilling me as much as I’d hoped it would.

Disclaimer: The item was purchased by me and no one paid me to do the review. Opinions are my own; your mileage may vary. 

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