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Video Wig Review: Alia by Jon Renau in Color 6

Remember when I used to upload wig reviews here all the time? Yeah, neither do I. School started and I completely forgot about all my old vids I still intended to upload, not to mention having little to no time to make new ones. Plus, I had to stop buying them, since in spite of my intention to wear the ones I bought over the summer – on bad hair days and whatnot – I found that once my hair got long enough to pull into a ponytail, I always opted to do that instead, and the wigs were costing too much money to not be used other than in a video. I still pick up the occasional sale wig here and there, and would like to review them at some point, but problem #2 is how time-consuming and challenging filming with my Canon 7D is; it’s not a video-friendly DSLR like the 60 or 70D, and working without autofocus or an articulating LCD screen is a huge pain.  I spent days researching video cameras and video-friendly DSLRs but all the options were too pricey for me just to use occasionally, so I decided to try a little Nikon Coolpix s6900 for $180. I haven’t used it yet, but I’m not sure the video quality is going to be good enough to make me happy – we’ll see. Still haven’t had time to try it out, and free time may not come around until Spring Break; but at some point I’ll have to give it a go. Moving on.

I still have a lot of oldies I can upload, so to keep track of what I’ve not yet uploaded I’m just going to go in alphabetical order from here on – starting with Alia. It’s been around a minute, but it’s still popular; this one is from the time in my wig-wearing where I only wore the color 6 in everything. It’s also from when I had a nice Canon Vixia that worked by remote, which was great, but man I never could get satisfactory color balance out of that thing; everything always looked dingy and slightly orange to me with that camera. Anyway, here’s Alia:


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