diary – Poem


frantic scribbling
into story, a plea
for words. soon

i will unpad
the lock, twist out
its heart, spread ink

across pages, dry
as a gourd, white
as a scar. here
i will try

not to lie. i carry
you with me, never push
you out
into the world,
never give birth
to these small miseries.

For One Single Impression’s prompt, Notebook.


20 thoughts on “diary – Poem

  1. I will never look at the pages of my notebooks the same. “white as a scar” will prompt me to heal those pages with color and form.

  2. I like your empty pages, “dry as a gourd, white as a scar”. ” I can just see them now, waiting for your poet’s pen strokes. 🙂
    My doctor says that my scar will have healed when the scar becomes white.

      • My friend, now deceased, kept several years diary entries in one diary book. For each day, she would go to the bottom of her prior writing and make an entry for that day if she had one to make. Besides being frugal, she was practical. One thing, not all of her pages to be written on would be “dry as a gourd, white as a scar”.
        I think the former years entries would be interesting to read also. My dad kept a journal type diary. Everyone should, I don’t.
        Thank you for peeking in on my OSI for betrayed. I was hoping to find one that you had written here.

        I am not sure at all why I wrote what I did except that Nicolas Fouquet was in my mind since our visit to his castle.
        A little research found that in literature, he had betrayed Armis, one of The Three Musketeers written by René d’Aramis de Vannes. I have never read that book or either of his other two Musketeer books.

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