1 thought on “Over the Tracks – video

  1. Loved the knife thrower, but it’s amazing what we used to allow people to do… Those images of the little boys absolutely hit home for me…. As a child a friend and I used to lay pennies on top of the rail and watch as the train went by, which is one of the things about your poem that blew my mind. The train’s weight would completely smash those pennies into some deformed, flattened and completely unrecognizable shape… I had pocket full of them at one time, carrying them around to show everyone I knew the sheer awesomeness of it. But I don’t think anyone ever felt as awed by it as I was. I like this video better than the original and wish you could just speed up the cadence of your voice to match it…. The ending of this video, with the train entering a tunnel, is just genius….. I love, love, love your artistry Cynthia….

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