We Write Poems Prompt #80 – Bread Crumbs

The prompt this week at We Write Poems was to accumulate twelve words, then write little snippets in response to those words. As usual I varied slightly: I took phrases from a Facebook page commemorating a young man who died last year. In each little stanza there’s a snippet from a post someone made to his page, with my own elaboration added.

facebook pages for the dead

melody says
she has lost faith
since clayton died

while the new owner
of his name
reassures her
he is in a better place

post private jokes
remember the time

& his father leaves
for him to read
it’s been a year
& we still
haven’t cleaned
your room

videos uploaded
in the night
here’s one of him dancing

dimly lit
& flickering
like altars
in dark corners
this is how I’ll remember him

prayers commemorate
important dates
I’m thankful for your
continued presence in my life

interpreting dreams
as more
he spoke to me
last night

as we are prone
to do
I woke up
and I still felt him
in my room


20 thoughts on “We Write Poems Prompt #80 – Bread Crumbs

  1. This so well covers the gamut of remembrance — in a compact and concise view. Very direct; connects so well! This seems a little different style than I have seen in your other poems, but you handle it like you have been doing this for years. Very well done!

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